Traveling Zoe

Hello friends! It has been a very eventful couple of weeks. Zobug and her daddy gave me a great first Mother's Day. They were very sweet. After church, they took me out to lunch. Since we were a party of 2 and a high chair, we got seated right away, as opposed to the massive families there to celebrate with their moms. We then went home and Zoe gave me the gifts that apparently she bought all on her own. I have a suspicion that her daddy may have helped her. She gave me the most wonderful card that was made on Shutterfly, that had a bunch of pictures of her and I and she signed it with her hand and footprints. I started crying. Now I get why my mom would cry when she read the cards we gave her. My complete transformation into my mom has now kicked into high gear since I am now a mom. (This isn't a bad thing. I have a fantastic mom.) Zoe also got me a Willow Tree figurine with a mom, dad and newborn. The last gifts she got me were the Best of SNL: Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes book. She chose Jimmy Fallon gifts because we stay up late and watch him together. Also, she knows that I love Jimmy Fallon. I think that NBC making him the host of the Tonight Show was the best move since they finally cancelled ER. That show was good, but went way too long. They really needed to give it up once they played the Ukulele "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when Dr. Greene died. Anyway...It was the best Mother's Day a girl could ask for. I am very blessed by my husband and my loving little girl.

She let me snap this pic on Mother's Day. It's my favorite so far.

The Monday after Mother's Day, we took Zoe on her first trip to the north. Yes, for us that is Austin, TX. We showed her what hills and trees look like. Nate was attending the Texas District Theological Convocation at Concordia University Texas. Since I'm not working, we get to tag along on these trips now. I love it! She did wonderful riding on the way up there. She really is a great baby. Right when we got into Austin we spotted a Steak 'N Shake. Zoe was very excited for her first experience at the Steak 'N Shake (Okay, may I was more excited about it than she was).

While Nate was doing the program the Bug and I were pretty much on our own. This gave me the time to eat at the places that we don't have in the Valley. The first night we found a Pei Wei, which was delicious. Tuesday morning we went to Panera to get Mama a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel. It was far too long. That day for lunch, we went to Noodles and Co. During all of these dining out experiences, it was like Zobug and I were having a little mommy/daughter date. Like a crazy person, I would sit there and talk to her the whole time, even if she was sleeping. The people around me probably thought I was crazy. During our time in Austin, I really started to feel like she was my little sidekick, going with me places and just really keeping me company. We were privileged to see a few of our good friends while in Austin. We were able to see our friends, Gabe and Melissa Kasper, who introduced us to Schlotzsky's Deli. Two Words: Thank you. All I can think about now is the bread that place uses.

During the adventures of Zobug and Mommy in Austin, we stumbled upon one of the most beautiful H-E-B grocery stores ever. As soon as I pulled up in the parking lot, I saw this sign.

I was so happy, it was chilly and rainy that day. It was also beautiful on the inside. We need one of these in the Valley.

On the way back Zoe met Buccee. She is clearly excited.

We returned on Wednesday. On Friday, because it was Nate's day off, I subbed for 3rd grade at St. Paul. I did alright being away from Zoe because Nate kept me updated and sent me pictures every once and a while. I did miss her like crazy, though. I came home and was like, "Oh my goodness! She grew!" I didn't like being away from her but, it was a nice day.

On Saturday, the three of us drove to Corpus Christi. Nate was preaching on Sunday to fill in for a friend that was on vacation. Our friends were nice enough to let us stay in their house while they were gone. On Sunday morning Nate fed Zoe in the early morning. When he came back he left the door to the hallway open, which was fine. Well, the Mylar balloons in the hallway were sucked into the ceiling fan making a big pop noise! It started me and I screamed, since I was sleeping prior to the noise. Nate comes running into the room thinking that I am dying and I point to the ceiling fan. He turned the fan off and cut the balloons down. Don't worry, there were no ceiling fans harmed in the making of this film. As soon as Nate turned off the fan, I looked at Zoe to make sure she was okay (she was in the Rock 'N Play next to the bed). Her eyes her open really wide and she was looking up at the fan. She then gives this huge smile like she thought the whole thing was hysterical.

Here are some more pics that I just think are adorable...

This week has been a little bit more low key, which is nice. We are just getting ready for the grandparents and the wonderful, Katie Lane to arrive for Zoe's baptism. I am so excited to have family here and for Zoe to become a child of God. It will be a fabulous weekend.

Stay tuned for the next blog post that will include baptism weekend highlights. I know you will be on the edge of your seat.

That's all for now...God is good!

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