Minnie Mouse in the House - Toddler Halloween

Happy All Saints Day! Halloween is over. Enjoy eating your kids' candy and watching football. St. Paul had their annual (except for last year, but we won't mention that) Fall Festival.

Now, in true mom of a toddler and my husband was out of town all week mode, I had Zoe's costume ordered months ago and started and finished Nate's and mine today. Now, to be fair, most of Nate's and my costumes were things that we already owned. I needed to however find a Minnie Mouse Skirt. I did the thing that we all do when we all do in an emergency, I went to the internet. I searched Pinterest tirelessly. I read tutorials but everything seemed too hard or too short. I was going to wear leggings but the skirt still needed to cover my behind. So, I turned to "Everything for Dummies" also known as YouTube. This is where I found the perfect tutorial. You can find it here. I decided to sew it instead of glue it, like the girl did in the video. I do better when I don't have to wait for things to dry. I also needed to wear it about two hours later. I dusted off my sewing machine and it turned out great. Don't get too excited, it was two straight lines of stitching. I do feel pretty good that I made a skirt in less than 20 minutes.