Home Sweet Hoyleton: Christmas

Last year Christmas was a blur. We moved on December 6th. There are 4 family birthdays in December and Nate's schedule was busy right away. Also, I was pregnant. This meant we were also getting set up with my doctor and getting Zoe set up with hers. Needless to say, Christmas was a bit lack luster last year. There was very little decorating since our decor would have been set up on cardboard moving boxes. This year was much different. This year we got to experience what Christmas in Hoyleton is. Let me tell you, it is fantastic.

Zach is Eight Months!

Our Zach is eight months old and getting more handsome every day. No seriously, his cuteness cannot be contained. I know I am biased but this kid is so cute it hurts. He has been rolling for a while now but he really started rolling all over the place this month and he is almost crawling. Last night he took two crawls. He will be all over the place tomorrow I bet. I need to go buy baby gates. Our apartment in McAllen didn't really need gates. Our house here has some places that need to be roped off. Plus I'm trying to figure out how to keep Zoe from leaving things out that Zach can put in his mouth. A couple of days ago he ate the sticker off of a toy that didn't seem like it would pose a problem. Now that he is mobile, let the games begin!

He loves:
  • His family
  • Playing on the floor with his toys
  • Sitting up
  • Getting from laying down to sitting up on his own
  • Rolling
  • The ladies we walk with in the morning
  • Eating
  • The Exersaucer
  • His bear lovey
  • His whale lovey
  • Snuggling with mommy
  • Watching Zoe
  • Watching Little Einsteins with Zoe
  • Trying to eat paper
He is unsure of:
  • Wearing shoes
  • Eating yogurt melts
  • Cold weather
He doesn't like:
  • Being hungry
  • Someone changing his diaper before he eats
  • Diaper rash
  • Mommy flushing his nose out

This Hat. Best. Purchase. Ever.

So handsome.

Making all the girls crazy.

These two. My loves.

Let's bake cookies Mommy!

Sleeping with his bear... Swoon

This guy

Christmas baby photoshoot!

So happy...

I'll just take one.

Little feet. I love them so much.


We love him. 

That's all for now. God is good.

Home Sweet Hoyleton: An Introduction

A year ago today, we rolled into Hoyleton, IL and our life has never been the same. I would like to take some posts to tell everyone just how much we love and appreciate Hoyleton. We are thankful for all the places that we have lived as single people and as a family but Hoyleton almost immediately felt like home.

Hoyleton is located in Southern Illinois about 1 hour east of St. Louis, MO. As almost all of you know, I am from St. Louis, so it is so nice to be close to where I grew up and close to friends and family. If we need anything, at the most, we drive an hour. Target is 35 minutes away, not too bad, and it probably saves me a lot of money.