Parents: Protect Your Food!

Toddlers are weird about their food. Toddlers will eat things based on what plate they come from. They will refuse a food one day and eat something the next. Zoe goes to daycare 8 hours a week. I have found out that things that she won't eat at home, she will it at daycare. It is maddening.

New Year, New Look

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve and are looking forward to all that 2016 brings.

I wanted to let you all know about some exciting changes that have come to my blog. I have given my blog a makeover. It has a brand new look. It also has a brand new name. I started this blog when Nate and I were first married. It was first called "Nate and Kate in the Show Me State" because it was about us and we were living in Missouri. I changed it to the "Lone Star State" when we moved here. Many things have changed since I started and named the blog. We are living in McAllen and now we have our little Zozo. The blog and life isn't just "Nate and Kate" anymore. The blog is actually mostly about Zoe these days. 

So I decided to change the name. The blog is now called "A Blessed Mess" and you can find it at The name just reflects my life. I am a wife, mom, daughter and a bunch of other things which makes me a mess. However, in being all of those things I am very blessed. I also changed the domain name because is really long.