Zach is 10 months!

Here we are at 10 months! Zach is getting bigger and the time I have to plan his first birthday party is getting shorter. I hate that there is a deadline ahead of me that pretty much means my boy isn't a baby anymore. WAAAHHHH. I mean *ahem* I am totally handling this with poise and not at all kissing his face all the time saying, "Be my baby forever, pleeeaasssee."

Zach is still crawling but man is he fast. He can cruise along furniture and can climb stairs. He cannot get himself down stairs, so they are dangerous right now. Because they are dangerous they are basically his favorite part of any building. I spend a lot of time sitting on stairs now when we aren't at home. 

Home Sweet Hoyleton: The Hoffman Supermarket

Hoyleton does not have a grocery store. For a Walmart or grocery store we have to drive about 15 minutes. There is, however, a closer option which is the Hoffman Supermarket. The Hoffman Supermarket is a small market that would be close to the size of a large convenience store. If you call it a convenience store, it will not end well for you. The Hoffman Supermarket is located in Hoffman, IL which is about 7 miles(minutes) northwest of Hoyleton. Hoffman's population is 491 a whopping 51 less people than Hoyleton.

So Katie, why is the Hoffman Supermarket a part of your Hoyleton blog series? That is an excellent question. You see, hidden inside of the Hoffman Supermarket is a pretty fantastic meat counter. The Hoffman Supermarket meat counter is the place to go for meat. Someone gave me a gift certificate, not card, certificate, for the Hoffman Supermarket and told me to go there for meat. I was a bit skeptical I mean would you look at that building and think that there are delicious pork chops inside? I certainly wouldn't. I quickly learned that this is definitely a "don't judge the book by its cover" situation.

Zach is 9 Months!

It is a cruel thing that babies grow up so fast. I mean Zoe was a baby yesterday and now she's 21, I mean 3. Seriously, the girl is full of sass. But back to the point, Zach is 9 months! What? He's getting so big! He is a little bit above average in weight. He is in the 83rd percentile for height. That wasn't something I was expecting because Nate and I aren't known for our height, but he must be getting the recessive traits. Either way, he'll be passing up big sister by the time he is two. Of course, his head is in the 90th percentile. It's a large head. More brains right? If nothing else, he has a solid built in weapon. He has head butted me a few times and I've been convinced that I would have a black eye or at least a bruise by the time I looked in a mirror. In all seriousness though, he is such a sweet baby. He's been so chill from day 1 and continues to be that way. We love him so much.