Home Sweet Hoyleton: The Hoffman Supermarket

Hoyleton does not have a grocery store. For a Walmart or grocery store we have to drive about 15 minutes. There is, however, a closer option which is the Hoffman Supermarket. The Hoffman Supermarket is a small market that would be close to the size of a large convenience store. If you call it a convenience store, it will not end well for you. The Hoffman Supermarket is located in Hoffman, IL which is about 7 miles(minutes) northwest of Hoyleton. Hoffman's population is 491 a whopping 51 less people than Hoyleton.

So Katie, why is the Hoffman Supermarket a part of your Hoyleton blog series? That is an excellent question. You see, hidden inside of the Hoffman Supermarket is a pretty fantastic meat counter. The Hoffman Supermarket meat counter is the place to go for meat. Someone gave me a gift certificate, not card, certificate, for the Hoffman Supermarket and told me to go there for meat. I was a bit skeptical I mean would you look at that building and think that there are delicious pork chops inside? I certainly wouldn't. I quickly learned that this is definitely a "don't judge the book by its cover" situation.

In July of 2017, tragedy struck Hoffman. An electrical fire put the Hoffman Supermarket out of business until November!!!! Hoyleton took this very hard. One morning while walking a few of us were talking and one of my friends was lamenting that she "had to buy meat at Walmart" and we all let out a sigh of disappointment. We didn't know where to buy our meat. It was more expensive and not nearly as good from the regular grocery store or Walmart. I quickly found myself lamenting with them because, while I had only used Hoffman meat for a couple of months, I was too very disappointed. Thankfully, one of the ladies in our walking group had a cow go down and we were able to buy some meat off her. That cow died for the sake of delicious meals in Hoyleton.

Thankfully, the Hoffman Supermarket is open. Because of the fire, the Supermarket was given a slight face lift. There is a new floor, new paint, new siding, new door (pictured below and with Norma's lovely blue car). and a remodeled bathroom. The meat counter is back in all of its glory. Nate asked me why our Taco Pasta was so good one night and we came to the conclusion that it was the meat.

Zach likes Hoffman meat, we're still working on Zoe.

More to come about our wonderful town of Hoyleton!

That's all for now. God is good!

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