Zach is 6 months! (10 Days Ago)

Poor Zach. I'm behind again on his post. 10 days ago he turned 6 months! A half a year! He needs to stop growing now! He's supposed to be my baby and he's so big. He is 17.5 pounds (56th percentile), 27 inches (62nd percentile) and has a 95th percentile head. More brains right? I don't know where he's getting that average height. He comes from a family of leprechauns. He is only 9 inches shorter than is sister. He us going to pass her up quick and she is going to be MAAADD. Oh well, not the first time he will make her mad.

He is pretty much sitting up unassisted but he still topples over a lot. He started eating solid food and he is doing very well with pears and butternut squash.

Zach continues to be a super smiley and easy going kid. This is good for our household because Zoe and Mommy bring a lot of drama to the table. Zach and Daddy are no drama type of guys.

Zach likes:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Zoe
  • Grandma
  • Playgym
  • Bumbo
  • Baths
  • Being Tickled
  • Playing Peekaboo with Zoe
  • Standing (assisted) 
  • Taking pictures
  • Pears
  • Pears and Squash blend
  • Exersaucer
  • Going on walks every morning
  • Flirting with all women (babies and grown women, he doesn't discriminate)
  • Snuggles
  • His Bear Lovey
  • Having no clothes on (I think this is a boy thing.)

Zach doesn't like:
  • Changing his clothes
  • Dirty Diaper 
  • Being hungry
  • Shots
  • Apple, Pears and Pea baby food medly
Zach is unsure about:
  • Long car trips
  • Yogurt Melts

Smiley Guy

His feet

That chunky leg. I just want to squeeze it!

Hanging out with his bear.

Hanging out outside with mama.

Sleeper baby

Always with Mama

Uncle Alex came to visit!

He loves having no clothes on. 

Working on that sitting

Those feet! 

Snapchat filters on babies are hilarious.

That's all for now. God is good.

More Crazy Adventures for the Zobug (Another Update)

Yesterday was a trying yet still good day in St. Louis for our family. Nate had the day off and Zoe had to have some tests run at Children's Hospital.

I'll try to give you a quick back story on Zoe's condition. Last November before we moved, Zoe had a procedure called Deflux to hopefully correct her Vesicoureteral Reflux. That's a fancy way of saying her ureters from her kidneys to her bladder are kinked causing her to be susceptible to urinary tract infections. In September, Zoe had a high fever for a few days which ended with her being diagnosed with another UTI. She was scheduled for a test yesterday to find out if it was a fluke UTI or her procedure in the fall didn't work. Turns out the procedure in the fall was not successful. Her condition even may have worsened. So with the advice of her doctor, we have decided that the best course of treatment and hopefully curative treatment is ureteral reimplantation surgery. If you would like to know more about how this surgery works, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh has a great (not gross) explanation of the surgery. Here is the link: Ureteral Reimplantation. It will be open surgery and will require at least a one night stay in the hospital. The surgery is scheduled for November 28th. Right now she knows that she will be having a sleepover in the hospital with Mommy and that the doctor will be fixing her kidneys and bladder.