Max is 4 months old!

Max is four months old and I can't believe it. I feel like he has changed so much over this last month. HE HAS STARTED SMILING!!! I love his smiles. They are the cutest thing! Because of his smiling, his personality is really starting to show. We can get him to give us little chuckles here and there too. He is in the 88th percentile for height. He is definitely getting a recessive trait when it comes to the height. Nate and I have relatives that are tall, but we certainly aren't. Maybe this will be our tall guy! Zach isn't short though. He is in the 68th percentile for height. It'll just be our lil nugget Zo on the short side. That's completely fine. She may be small but she's got a personality that is 6ft tall for sure.

Max likes:
  • His Mama - big mama phase right now
  • Chewing on his hands
  • Walking with the ladies every morning
  • Eating
  • Wiggling on the floor
  • Having socks on
  • Being held
  • Falling asleep on Mommy
  • His car seat buddy toy
  • Music
  • The swing
  • When his brother and sister lay on the floor with him.
Max doesn't like:
  • When the car is not moving
  • Having a dirty diaper
  • Being cold
  • Being hungry
  • Having the boogers sucked out of his nose
  • Loud noises
  • Getting shots