Who is Teddy?: The Story of a Girl and her Bear

As some of you may have seen a couple of weeks ago, Zoe and I brought home a new friend by the name of Teddy. Teddy was a gift from Aunt Vivi, she's the best.

I know you are dying to hear more about the arrival of this large sweet bear in our home. While we were in Wisconsin we stayed with our friends, the Kelms. Chloe Kelm has a giant Panda and the first night we were there, Zoe fell in love with this Panda. We went out for lunch for some friends and to get her back into the car seat I said, "We're going to go back and see Chloe!" and she responded to me, "And Panda?" She loved this Panda.

Love at First Sight

Snuggles with Panda

McAllen, St. Louis, Milwaukee: Vacation 2016

Well we are back from vacation. We were gone for almost 3 weeks and traveled over 3,000 miles. Nate was gone almost an entire month and logged more miles than we did.

For this trip I was the most prepared I have ever been when it comes to packing for a trip. We have done 2 big road trips with Zoe in the past and this would be our biggest yet. I wanted to make sure that we were really prepared. I packed up snacks, new toys, a great deal of technology and many other essentials. We had a mountain of bags ready to go the night before.