Who is Teddy?: The Story of a Girl and her Bear

As some of you may have seen a couple of weeks ago, Zoe and I brought home a new friend by the name of Teddy. Teddy was a gift from Aunt Vivi, she's the best.

I know you are dying to hear more about the arrival of this large sweet bear in our home. While we were in Wisconsin we stayed with our friends, the Kelms. Chloe Kelm has a giant Panda and the first night we were there, Zoe fell in love with this Panda. We went out for lunch for some friends and to get her back into the car seat I said, "We're going to go back and see Chloe!" and she responded to me, "And Panda?" She loved this Panda.

Love at First Sight

Snuggles with Panda

July 12th was Prime Day (a big sale shopping day on Amazon.com) and Angie and I spent most of the day hanging out and shopping the deals. They release deals every 15 minutes or something so it's kind of an all day event which was perfect for a summer day. As the day progressed we looked to see if Amazon had any giant bears for the sale. There were a couple, but Chloe said that they weren't big enough. She was right. She is very wise.

Angie had shared with me that she got the Panda at Costco for $30. So we began to investigate the Costco website. They had bears, not Pandas for this great low price. Now, it seems kind of silly to buy a giant bear for your own child when you live in a small apartment. So, you kindly mention these things to awesome Aunts, like Aunt Vivi. Aunt Vivi was on board. Nate was away at the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans and Zoe was really missing her daddy. What better than a giant bear to lift her feelings?  Another reason for the purchase of the bear is to simply make Angie Kelm smile because she is awesome and deserves a good smile these days.

Zoe and I got back to McAllen on a Saturday, so naturally we made a trip to Costco to "get milk". We just happened to find this guy. I put him in the cart and she started saying, "I so happy! I so happy! I love you bear!" He was hers.

Please ignore her Kurt Cobain hair. She had pulled out her hair ties.

Ready to take him home. Buckled in, safety first!

She loves him.

Best buddies

She's making him show Tio Alan the actions to the VBS songs.

Nate was skeptical. (mostly because of the giant size of the bear and the small size of our apartment.

He is coming around; they are clearly bros.

This past week Zoe's big girl bed came. This has become the perfect place for Teddy. He is not taking up a ton of space in the living room and he is preventing her from falling off the end of the bed. He is very useful.

Teddy's new hangout.

He's really making himself comfortable.

That's all for now. God is good.

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