Missing the Seasons

When we moved to McAllen, Texas there was a good deal of shock. There was culture shock and there was weather shock. IT WAS SO HOT. I'm not a huge fan of being hot, especially when I'm pregnant. Pregnant and hot is a combination that is not great.

McAllen was a place were snowbirds Winter Texans would come to avoid the cold and the snow. We missed the snow but I realized after a few years that it wasn't the snow that I missed the most. Sure, I missed the snow, but it was the seasons and change in weather. I missed all of this because our memories are tied to the seasons.

Our First Snow in Illinois!

Now, Nate and I are no strangers to snow. I grew up in St. Louis (about an hour from where we live now) and St. Louis gets snow at least once a year usually. Nate grew up in Connecticut and LOVES snow. It snows up there all the time. We met at college in Wisconsin. We all know it snows there. We have driven in snow, we've had moments of like, love and irritation with the snow. When we were considering the call to Illinois people in Texas kept saying, "Oh you're going to have snow there." Not really a problem for us. Honestly, it was a draw for me. Pregnancy and heat is not something I enjoy. The last week of November, a week before we left, it was 95 degrees in McAllen. That isn't really ideal weather for a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant. Today, I was actually hot from walking around in Walmart that I took my coat off for the remainder of our errands. This baby is a warm one.