Asking for Punishment: Pregnant, Gallbladder Attacks and Potty Training

As most of you know I'm about 30.5 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. A couple of weekends ago, Nate and I were on our way to a trivia fundraiser at the local Lutheran high school. Being pregnant, I really wanted some McDonald's, specifically fries. Let's be honest, there are few things in life that are better than McDonald's fries when you're pregnant. So, we got some nuggets and fries and then went to Walmart to pick up snacks for the trivia afternoon. Nate got some kettle corn and I got my favorite Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles potato chips and some chocolate covered pretzels. Now, I sat there all afternoon at trivia pigging out like all pregnant women have license to do. Was this wise? No, but I'm pregnant and I'll do what I want and no one will say anything. What a glorious world!