Zoe is Ten Months!

Zoe is ten months. She is only two months away from her first birthday. I need to start planning her first birthday party. About a month after that, she will be moving out of the house and finding a job. Why do they grow up so fast? This is why people have babies close together. We had friends that just had a baby. That new baby smell is intoxicating. I had to pinch myself and say "no" you just had a baby, you pay too much for diapers as it is. That new baby smell will make you think crazy things. 

Zoe loves:
Mommy and Daddy
Standing Up
Anything that lights up and makes noise
Giving people kisses on their noses
Baby Einstein Videos
Music Videos
Other babies
Baby food from a pouch
Her sippy cup
Standing up in the bathtub
Grabbing the spoon you are trying to feed her with and chewing on it
Pulling herself up on surfaces that are not safe
Following Mommy around the apartment

 Zoe doesn't like:
Peas and Carrots in solid form
Getting her fingernails clipped

Zoe is undecided on:
Yogurt Bites
Bath time

 What people say about Zoe:

“She's such a good baby.”

"She never cries."

“She looks so much like her daddy.”

Mommy and Daddy's Nicknames for Zoe:
Baby Bug
Buggy McStuffins
Cheeks McGee
Pretty Lady
Little Bug
Little Baby
Mommy's Girl
Daddy's Girl
Little Snuggler
Little Mama
Baby Girl
Sweet Pea
Bugsy Malone

Here are some pics!

This is for Angie Kelm, Zoe does get upset!


Trying to rip off the sticker.


Sweetest girl.

I can't even handle this picture.

Puzzle time.

Baby wearing and grocery shopping.

That's all for now. God is good.

The Sweetest Part of My Day

*Warning! This is a sappy post.*

When Zoe was born, my whole world changed. I mean this is an obvious statement. Your life is going to drastically change when you have another human to care for night and day. I taught middle school until 4pm and was induced at 2am. I went from working full time to 16 hours later being a stay-at-home mom. This was a drastic change. I didn't have days leading up to having the baby where I worked on the nursery. I taught, lesson planned and graded papers on a 24 hour cycle until 26 hours before she was born. Sixteen of those hours, I was in labor.

While I was teaching, the sweetest part of my day, aside from laying down in my bed to go to sleep at night or eating a cheeseburger, was probably when my students would make me laugh. They were a funny group and making me laugh was a great gift they could give me since I was tired, stressed and huge. 

Within 26 hours the sweetest part of my day would be so different. It would no longer include silly, pre-adolescent middle schoolers. It would be all about this little itty bitty life, that somehow came out of my body. She was totally from God because I certainly can't pull off something that awesome. 

Over the past almost 10 months *tear, she's so big*, the sweetest part of my day has changed a bit. It has always involved Zoe being close to me. At one time, it was the two of us napping on the couch. She got too big for that. For a while it was when I would get her up in the morning. I would feed her and then she would snuggle with me for about an hour while we watched Kelly and Michael. 

Now, it is night time. Almost every night I rock her to sleep. During the day she plays and crawls everywhere. She is becoming an independent little lady. At night, I still rock her to sleep. There have been many nights where I have been terribly tired and I want her to fall asleep so bad. When she finally gives in, I find myself not wanting to put her down. I just want to snuggle with her all night long. 

She was so little. One of our first snuggles.

I know the day will come where we don't do night time snuggles anymore and the sweetest part of my day will be something different every day. For right now, I will cherish my nighttime snuggles and love every moment of the little time. She's my girl and I'm so blessed.

I love that squished face.

She loves sleep most of the time. I love her all of the time. She is the best.

That's all for now. God is Good.