Zach is Two!

Last month, our handsome man turned two years old! I can't believe it. Zach is fun, crazy and loves sleep. He is growing so fast and is tall. Don't know where he's getting the tall gene but we'll take it. Unfortunately, he will probably pass up his sister in height soon, and she will not be happy.

Zach likes:

  • His family
  • Milk
  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Ice Cream
  • Cookies
  • His Bed
  • Scout
  • His bear
  • "Vrooms" - Cars
  • "Rawrs" - Dinosaurs
  • Playing with his "Shishy" (sissy)
  • Playing outside
  • Watching Cleo and Cuquin
  • Dancing
  • Running
  • Baths
  • Suckers 
  • Climbing
  • Pretending he's a ghost
Zach doesn't like:
  • Sitting in the grocery cart
  • Getting in his car seat
  • Having his hair washed
  • Having his diaper changed
  • Being woken up
  • Being given the wrong cup (his preference changes daily)
  • Zoe taking his toys
  • Zoe not sharing her toys
  • Sitting to eat (he prefers to stand)
  • Sitting still in church (If anyone wants to adopt him for church, he's all yours.)
What people say about Zach:
  • "He's so cute."
  • "He has a lot of energy."
  • "He's tall."

My Wild Thing

His First Cardinals Game

My Boy

All Boy

Mr. Personality

Every Girl's Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Man

His Mama is Smitten

Snow Bear

Bucket Head

He's so cool.

My miracle sleeper ready for bed.

Relaxing with a cold milk after his bath.

Celebrating two!

We are so blessed to have Zach the bear as our sweet buddy. He makes us laugh every day. He is all boy and super sweet at the same time. 

That's all for now. God is good.

A Day in the Second Trimester

According to my Baby App on my phone, the baby
is the size of an avocado.
Today, as I do every day, I had plenty of things to get done. How many of those things I would actually complete? That depended on a lot of things. See I am finally getting into the second trimester, otherwise known as the good trimester. The best trimester of them all. Usually, you're feeling a bit better and you have more energy. Well starting this weekend I could definitely see a turn around in energy. In the first trimester, all I tried to do all day was keep my eyes open. I would come home from my morning walking group, sit down in my recliner and regret that I had sat down because now I was doomed for a morning of trying to keep my eyes from shutting. Some mornings I would try to coax Zach to come sit on my lap and watch TV so I could sleep. If he was sitting on me, I knew he wasn't finding danger. Oh no, I mean it. He seeks out danger. One day he got scissors out of a drawer he is too short to look into. He just remembered that they were there.

Starting this weekend, I started to get some of my energy back, now of course, I took my afternoon nap on the weekend because mama has needs and after all I am still growing a human. They don't turn out so cute without some effort, people. However, I really tried to start tidying up our house a bit for Zach's birthday party. I cleaned his room, I straightened and did a quick clean of the bathroom sink and I changed the bedding in our bedroom. This may not seem like a lot to you but I haven't been able to do much in months. I felt so accomplished and wanted to keep it up.

Today, as usual, I walked with my walking group, then I took Zach to Walmart. We HAD to get some groceries. That place was unusually busy for a Monday morning so it took us longer than normal. When we got home, I brought the groceries in and then watched the kids play outside until lunch. Watching the kids play outside is relaxing because it's gorgeous out lately but it's also something that can turn into a lot of work really quick because of my danger loving son. He loves to bolt between the house and the church toward the road. But it was nice for all of us to get some fresh air. After lunch when Zach went down for his nap, Zoe and I spent some time outside. She played and I folded laundry. Folding laundry outside was actually great. Usually I start to fall asleep while I fold laundry on the couch but there was so much going on and it was so beautiful that I folded both of the kids clean clothes. Zoe and I then went through all of her clothes and pulled out the clothes that are too small. At this point, I had realized that I was really getting things done. Not only this, but I had a plan for dinner!!! This never happens. Usually if I am productive, dinner isn't getting cooked. It is getting ordered. I cooked dinner. Put away Zach's clothes and went through his drawers too. I put the kids to bed and now I am laying in bed writing this post. I feel so accomplished for what some people may think isn't that much.

I am hoping this is how my second trimester is going to be all trimester long. Full of energy and productivity. At this rate, I'll get the basement cleaned up before the baby is here. HAHA Hey, sometimes dreams come true.

That's all for now. God is good.

Zoe is 5!

Zoe is a whole hand old! She turned 5 last month and it hit mama and daddy hard. We can't believe how fast she is growing up. Five whole years!!! She was just a little baby!

Zoe Loves:

  • Her family
  • Her stuffed animals - Clifford, Violet, Yoshi, Pigeon and her Cheetah are some of her favorites
  • Hot Dogs
  • Corn Dogs
  • Tortellini
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Playing with her friends
  • The Lion King Soundtrack
  • The Dolphin Tale Movies
  • Going to Chick-fil-A
  • Going to Sonic
  • Playing games on the Wii with Daddy and Uncle Alex
  • Playing outside
  • Playing Spot it
  • Pizza
  • Going to the Park
  • Dairy King
  • Watching a movie or episode of a show over and over again
  • Getting picked up from school by anyone but mom
  • Brunch
Zoe doesn't like:
  • Getting up in the morning
  • Wearing jeans
  • Going to bed
  • Most healthy food
  • Taking any medicine that isn't Tylenol or Motrin
  • Going to bed
Zoe phrases:

  • "Actually" - Example: Actually, I don't want to go for quiet time today, I can just stay out here.


That messy bun though.

Snapchat fun with Mama

Haircut with Katie

Sunglasses at our first game of the season

Traveling Bug

Very concerned about airplane safety

Swimming Lessons

Happy Fourth!

Some of our friends came to visit!

Zoe got to be in the Princess Contest at the Hofbraufest!

Back to school shopping with Mom

Hello First Day of Pre-K 4

She played soccer this past fall.

Fall Days and Snow Days in November

Playing in the Breese Park

One with her brother because they love each other and sometimes show it.

She is clearly so loved by us and so many others. We are blessed to have Zo every day, even if she's a bit sassy. 

That's all for now. God is good!

Our Family is Growing!

In case you missed our announcement, our family is expecting another baby! Zoe is over the moon for the new baby. Zach doesn't know what's happening. When we told the kids, he stood over on the other side of the room with his pacifier in looking like he was unhappy about the situation. I am going to assume he was just tired and confused as to why Zoe was so excited.

The baby will be arriving in late September. We pray for a healthy pregnancy for mama and a healthy baby.

In case you were wondering, we aren't finding out the baby's gender. We will be surprised like with Zoe and Zach. It is very hard to surprise me so I like having that surprise to look forward to.

That's all for now! God is good!

How I Want to Remember Motherhood...

On Christmas Eve, I like to take pictures of the kids in front of the Christmas Tree. This Christmas Eve I jumped in the pictures with the kids and Nate was a good sport and took some pictures of me and the kids. Later on I was going through all of the pictures. A lot of them are blurry because of poor lighting but they are still cute. My kids are dressed in their Christmas outfits and the tree is so pretty behind them. I love these Christmas pictures. 

I mean look at that boy! Do they make them more handsome than him? I really don't think so.

Here's one that's a bit better of my sweet girl. She is just so silly when it comes to smiling in pictures. 

Anyway, while I was looking through the pictures, I found this one:

This picture is not hang on the wall worthy. It is blurry, no one is looking at the camera. Zach is about to destroy the wrapped gifts or the Christmas tree. I was looking at all those things and then I looked at my face in the picture. I'm so happy. Everything is a mess with this photo and I'm so happy. This picture pretty much sums up my life as a mom. It is a mess. It is hard. I'm trying to corral two kids and look somewhat put together. However, I'm laughing. In this moment I'm not thinking about how poorly this picture is going to turn out. I am not thinking about the gifts that aren't wrapped yet. I'm not thinking about the mess in the rest of the living room that I need to clean up before they get up in the morning to unwrap their gifts. I'm not thinking about the mountain of laundry that sits beneath us in the basement. All I was thinking about in that moment was how I love my babies and how much they were making me laugh. I hope that my time with my kids at home is mostly remembered like this. I hope that when I look back I remember the laughing and the sweet faces and not all the chores. I hope I remember motherhood like this picture.

That's all for now. God is good.