Peace Out 2020

We all know how 2020 was. I'm going to choose to focus on the good that happened in 2020 in this post. I'm not going to mention what kept everyone home and the unfortunate events that happened.

  1. Nate and I took a 10th anniversary trip to Branson. It was a great trip for us to be away and celebrate being married for 10 years. I still like him a lot.

  2. People all over Hoyleton and the surrounding areas put crosses in their yards for the Easter season.

  3. We traveled to Connecticut!

    The kids hanging out with Uncle Alex!

  4. Zach started Preschool!

  5. My kids have been able to attend school in person for the entire school year so far!

  6. The people of Hoyleton showed me the most intense love when I successfully had my appendix out in September.

  7. Zoe started dance!

  8. Max had successful spinal surgery!

  9. We went to visit my mom and sister in Georgia for Thanksgiving.

    Zoe and Victoria Decorating Victoria's Tree

  10. We purchased a new to us car and named him Floyd.

  11. We had great times with our friends family here in Hoyleton.

    Dressed up on Halloween as two of our favorite Hoyletonians, Rolan and Gerri Schnitker.

There was a lot to be thankful for in 2020, but you bet we are looking forward to 2021.