Zoe Katherine Wollenberg

Hi all! I'm reentering the blogging world! Now that Zoe is born, I want to write all about our adventures. I would like to use this post to give you all the back story on how our little miracle got here.
Back in July of 2013 I went to visit my parents in St. Louis without Nate. I was planning on having a nice, two week vacation visiting my parents before coming back to finish up my classroom for the school year. About three days into my trip I started to lose my appetite. I don't ever lose my appetite. Not long after that, I started to feel sick. The thought crossed my mind that I could be pregnant but I didn't really think I was.
One Saturday morning, my dad and I were going to have breakfast and then do a little shopping. We got about five minutes away from home and I just broke down in tears and told him that I felt too sick to go. By this point, my parents were starting to get suspicious. I was also starting to think I really might be pregnant. I decided that I needed to take a pregnancy test but I didn't want my parents to know. I am a twenty-seven year old, married woman trying to figure out how to buy and take a pregnancy test without my parents knowing. Ridiculous. I was supposed to have lunch with a friend that day, so on my way to lunch I picked up a test. That night, I took the test. I got a faint positive! I was so excited and shocked. The funny thing is that I was celebrating in silence in my parents bathroom. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk way to much. I didn't want to tell Nate on the phone, but I needed to tell him first. To keep a secret of this magnitude from my parents was near impossible. I still had 5 days in St. Louis. The next morning I was getting ready for church, I wasn't feeling well but I was determined to power through it. I was ready to go when I realized that I just couldn't do it, I felt horrible. I went and told my mom that I couldn't go and then said "I'm going to throw up." I ran to the bathroom, I couldn't get the toilet seat up in time so I threw up all over the bathroom. My mom by this point is telling me that I have to go to the doctor. I keep telling her that it really isn't necessary. She asked me if I was pregnant. I responded with something like, "I don't know, maybe." So for the rest of the trip, there is this huge elephant in the room. We all know, but we can't talk about it.
When I returned home, I knew that I couldn't make it the 45 minute ride home without telling Nate that I was pregnant. When he pulled up to the curb at the airport, I asked him if he could get out and help me get my bags in the car. I was completely capable of doing this myself, but I wanted to tell him outside the car. I gave him a hug and just blurted out, "I'm pregnant." He looked at me completely stunned and speechless. We were both kind of stunned and excited. When we got in the car I asked what he was thinking and he said, "I was just picking you up from the airport."

I had a healthy, relatively easy pregnancy. I taught all the way up to the day Zoe was born. My middle school students were hilarious. They wanted to know everything about my pregnancy.  At least once a week they would ask me what would happen if I went into labor at school. They kept a countdown on the whiteboard for almost the entire pregnancy.

We had the 8th graders unscramble the words to announce it to the middle school.

30 Weeks 

35 Weeks

38 Weeks

On March 8, at 2 am we induced labor. After 16 hours of labor, Zoe Katherine Wollenberg was born. We immediately fell in love. We had to stay an extra day in the hospital because she was jaundice.
My mom was our first helpful visitor; she was here for about 3 weeks. Nate's mom was our next visitor and she was here for about the same amount of time. My sister, Victoria, was just here for about 5 days.
I hope to keep up with the blog to tell you all about how our little girl grows. We are so in love with her.

That's all for now. God is good!

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