Friday Finds!

Hello Everyone! I decided that I wanted to start something new with my blog. I am going to try to have a weekly post called Friday Finds. I tend to find things on a weekly basis that make my life easier. Some of these things may be for moms and some might just be for anyone. Some of you may be more experienced parents, but could pass the tips along to a new parent. You can also read this and say, “We never had these things in my day. These kids have everything!”

My first “Find” is the “Table Topper”. As a pastor’s family we are invited to go out to eat on a regular basis. We also travel a great deal. One day, I was at Chick Fil-A and I went to get Zoe a high chair. Hanging on the back, was what I thought seemed to be a plastic bib. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Chick Fil-A provides disposable placemats that stick to the table. I stuck it to the table and Zoe was able to eat without the table germs getting all over her food. This was amazing to me. When we had gone out to eat in the past, she would have to eat off of a napkin which would result in her throwing the napkin and the food on the floor or eating a part of the napkin. We are still working on eating from plates, as she likes to throw those on the ground too.

After I found this wonder at Chick Fil-A, I thought that there must be someone who sells these magical placemats. Naturally, because all of my short term memory capabilities left when I had Zoe, I forgot about it. Until one day, I was in the aisle at HEB (grocery store) and I saw this package.

Table Toppers! The magical placemats! I quickly snatched them up and I have been using them ever since. They are available at my grocery store and I have also seen them at Target and on Amazon. Don’t worry, they make them in all kinds of designs. We have used Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse so far! Zoe gets very excited when she sees Elmo or Mickey Mouse.

Of course there has to be a cute Zoe picture.

That’s all for now. God is good.

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