Friday Finds: Nuk Active Cup

It’s Friday. This means many great things, but I know what you have been looking forward to the most is Friday Finds! Try to contain your excitement. Today’s Friday Find is the Nuk Active Cup.

One of the many transitions that moms face in the life of their baby is the transition from bottles to sippy cups. In the case of Zoe, she took a bottle from birth (after much effort and failure with breastfeeding). I started her on a sippy cup around 6 months old. She only would drink water from the cup because she was still drinking formula from a bottle as the bulk of her nutrition. Just after she turned a year old I started her on whole milk. With this change, I wanted to transition her off of the bottle completely. Before, Zoe had no problem with drinking her water in any sippy cup: short/tall, straw/no straw, handles/no handles, Disney princess or even Mickey Mouse. Not so much with the milk. When I put milk in her cups she was like, “Are you kidding me mom? I wasn’t born yesterday, more like a year ago, catch the memo.”

I remembered that another mom had mentioned that the Nuk Active Cup was a great transitional cup, so I headed out to the store and picked up the turtle design.

These cups made the transition seamless. One day we were using bottles and the next day we had packed up all of the bottles and we were only using these cups. I am so glad that these cups were recommended to me and I would recommend them to anyone.

We started with the tall cups. When I got tired of washing one or two cups over and over, I ended up buying another cup, but one that was shorter and had handles. She used all of them for a while, now she will only use the ones with the handles. Toddlers. Always changing their minds.

Here’s my little nugget.

That’s all for now. God is good.

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