A Very Meaningful Day

Today is a very meaningful day, today is Zoe's first day of school! Now, you may be thinking, sure its a very meaningful day she's starting school! What a huge milestone! For me its that she's starting her first day of Lutheran school. The thought of it gets me all misty, not just because I'm her mom, she's my baby and she's starting school, but also because Lutheran school is so very important to me and who I am.

When I was four, my parents were advised to put me in preschool for socialization (turns out that I didn't really need help with that. Haha.). My mom saw an ad in the paper for St. John's Lutheran School in Arnold, MO. My parents decided to sign me up. At the time, my parents were not regular church attendees. I began to attend St. John's and it changed my life. I learned about Jesus and at the advice of my preschool teacher, my parents started attending church. St. John's was our whole life when we (my sister and I) were little. It was our second home. My mom was super involved volunteering there and eventually working there. My dad served on boards and was very involved in the church.

This is from my preschool graduation. You can't see anyone because it's a bad scan of an old picture.

First Day of School at St. John's (Not sure of the year)

When we moved to Cincinnati, it was the same. We were very involved as a family at St. Paul. After high school, I attended Concordia University Wisconsin to continue my Lutheran Education and become a Lutheran Educator. Concordia was home. I loved it. My professors were fantastic, they not only were fantastic educators they cared for their students and their relationships with the Lord. So many of my closest friends are from my Concordia days and of course, that it where Nate and I met.

Nate and I on graduation day at CUW.

I am who I am and where I am today, incredibly blessed with a fantastic husband, two beautiful children, living in a lovely parsonage in Hoyleton, IL and loving the Lord because of Lutheran school. Going to Lutheran schools changed my life and today my daughter starts on that journey. Her journey begins differently. She already goes to church, loves the Lord and has a daddy for a pastor. However, I have no doubt in my mind that she will be blessed by this journey that she begins today. Today I pray for her teachers at Trinity Lutheran School in Hoyleton, IL. I pray that they are ready to take on the force that is my child, but more seriously that they begin the school year with energy and excitement knowing that they could be changing the life of someone like me. Someone who didn't know the Lord. I pray for all Lutheran educators the ones that have so greatly blessed me and the ones who are beginning another year of teaching, as their job is tough, rewarding and so very important.

Have a great day my Zoe bug, I hope you are just as blessed as your mommy has been. We love you so much! Happy first day!

Silly Goose!

Yay Trinity!

Coming home!

That's all for now. God is good.

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