Zach is One Month!

Zach's first month of life has been a whirlwind. He is a very chill baby. He eats a lot and he sleeps a lot. He had to deal with his mommy having surgery (more on that later) and being away for a few days but he took it like a champ and was a good boy for Mimi. We love his blue eyes and his little personality.

Zach likes:

  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Mimi
  • Grandma
  • Formula
  • The Rock N Play
  • The Baby Playgym
  • Snuggles
  • Rides in the car
Zach doesn't like:
  • Tummy Time
  • Being hungry
  • Being wet
Zach is unsure about:
  • Zoe snuggles (they're a bit aggressive)
  • Bath time


Sister had to get in there.

My cutie!

Big sister helping out with tummy time.

She's dancing next to him.

A little bit of that aggressive toddler love.

Mr. Handsome

We love our babies!

That's all for now! God is good.

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