Quick Thoughts

Hello! So many things are happening this week! Time to discuss! Do any of you remember "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy" on SNL? That's what this title makes me think of, however, these thoughts will not be like Jack Handy's. If you don't know what I am talking about, do a quick Google search. You won't be disappointed. My inspiration for this post comes from my friend/fellow pastor's wife/she was a teacher at my grade school, Shelley. She does this on her blog and I love the idea so I'm going to try it out. Also, her blog is super fabulous. She has five kids and she totally rocks the mom thing. You can check out her blog here: mammamilk.blogspot.com.

1. Zoe has gotten into a bad habit of saying "now" after the name of something that she wants. Some examples are "Play now! Milk now!" This is quite rude and I'm trying to break her of it, however the best one was her walking around and yelling,"Broccoli now!" 

2. Zoe had a play date with her new buddy Lulu today. They invited us to a museum that has a kids area today. It was pretty fun. She played with giant Legos, foam building blocks, a music wall and was quite enamored by the rock climbing wall that lit up. It was a great trip and I think we will definitely go back.

Rock Wall

Cooking with Lulu (That sounds like a great cooking show.)

Zoe the Destroyer

3. Prince died. According to my friend Katie, who is a native Minnesotan, the entire state of Minnesota is shrouded in purple. Rest in peace, Prince.

4. The Queen of England is 90 and more classy than ever. 

5. A couple of days ago it was announced that Michael Strahan would be leaving Live with Kelly and Michael and joining Good Morning America full time. Naturally, I was sad about him leaving because I think he and Kelly make a fabulous team. Sadly, I started reading articles that apparently Kelly Ripa didn't know about the move until just shortly before the public announcement and is upset about being left in the dark. Plus, Kelly has not been on the show for the last couple of days while Michael has been hosting with guest hosts. I have been strangely stressed out about this with a pit in my stomach. I even teared up at one point!!! What?!? It's not like we are on a first name basis, we don't call each other at home. I don't even watch the show every single day anymore. I think I'll blame it on mom hormones. Honestly, we don't know what is actually going on because it is between Michael, Kelly and Disney/ABC. I think it is uncool of Disney to even ask Michael to move. I thought of boycotting Disney, but I have a two-year-old and who doesn't love an occasional viewing of Toy Story? Maybe this is how people felt when the Beatles broke up. Anyway, I hope that if there are hurt feelings that the matter is resolved. The possible discord is oddly unsettling.

That's all for now. Good is good! 

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