Zoe's First Christmas!

Well, it has come and past. Zoe experienced her first Christmas! It was something wonderful. I am especially thankful for good cameras on days like this. These DSLR cameras make it so that normal people can take amazing pictures of their family for memories and to share with loved ones far away.

First we start with Christmas Eve. We attended two services that evening. The second service consisted of us sitting outside of the sanctuary, on the floor so she could crawl around and play with Titus.

We were just messing around, waiting for daddy to get home.

She's such a ham and I love it.

What mom?

What is this big black thing?

Let me take the pictures.

Like a crazy mom, I decided to take pictures of Zoe when she woke up on Christmas morning. This is how it went.

Wake up Zoe! It's Christmas!

What? What is Christmas? It's early.

You said toys? I'm listening.

I'm just joking! I love Christmas!

Let's do this!

We got ready and went to church. When we got home from church, she was ready for a nap.

She woke up to opening presents!

We are very blessed!

Does she want me to climb in the bag?

Oh! There was a puppy inside!

This picture just kills me!




I can totally read this!

That's my girl!

It's my muppet!

She has my name! I love her!

Can you get rid of this paper, Daddy?

Thanks for the Romper, Daddy. I think I'll eat it.

I love bows!

I love my shopping cart!

Here are a few extras!

Zoe and Titus!

Zoe in the outfit that Nate's mom made.

That's all for now. God is good!

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