Zoe: Most Popular Baby on the Plane

Zoe’s travels started out on a plane Dallas and then another to New York City. We would eventually end up at Nate’s parent’s house in Connecticut. She did great on the plane from McAllen to Dallas. In Dallas we weren't able to get anything to eat because by the time we got to the gate for our connecting flight, it was boarding. I was a worse traveler than Zoe at this point because if I don’t eat, things get ugly. We boarded the plane to New York. Nate and I forgot to pack headphones so we watched “The Lego Movie” without any sound. It is actually quite fascinating.
Out of the five flights, this was the only flight that really bothered Zoe. Her ears were hurting so bad. She just cried and cried. Like all good, crazy mothers, I couldn't take her discomfort and I started getting weepy. Poor Nate is a saint. We were the family you watched. Luckily we didn’t really get too many stares. There was a guy across the aisle from us that fell asleep with his Bluetooth headphones on. The Bluetooth disconnected and it kept playing the same song over and over again for the entire section of the plane to hear. That guy got more dirty looks than we did.

We landed at LaGuardia Airport in New York City at 10pm. There are no chairs in the American baggage claim there. What is that?!? I needed to feed and change Zoe. I ended up holding her while standing up to feed her and changing her when we got to the car. Due to the confusing nature of the parking at LGA, it took us a while to connect with Nate’s brother Andrew. We didn’t end up leaving the airport until 11:50pm and getting back to the house until 2:00am. It was an extremely long day. I was not in very good spirits because for that entire night all I ate was homemade Chex Mix. Yes, it was delicious, but it wasn’t a meal. Man, bed felt really good that night. All three of us got some much needed rest.
We spent the week in Connecticut seeing Nate’s relatives. A Once Upon A Child location went in near Nate’s parents’ house. Needless to say, Nate’s mom and I went a little crazy with the baby clothes. We must have spent at least an hour in there. Baby heaven. We had a very good time. Zoe met her Great Aunt Jen and her Great Grandma (GG).  She spent a good deal of time with them.

Great Aunt Jen

Great Grandma
Nate’s dad, Alex, Andrew, Nate’s Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dick, his cousin; Scott and I all went to the hottest Yankees game ever on Wednesday. I love going to New York and seeing a major league baseball game, even when it isn’t the Cardinals. We happened to go on the hottest day in New England. I don’t take the heat well (Yes, I live very close to Mexico, practically on the surface of the Sun. God has a very funny sense of humor.).  I developed a system to keep cool at this game. I would leave our seats, stop into the coldest gift shop for a while, refill my water bottle at the fountain, and watch the game from the concourse.  This worked quite well for me. I had Nate’s brother Alex in the routine by the end of the game. It was fun. We then took a 4 hour ride back to Connecticut because traffic was horrible. We had some serious bonding time.
On Friday, Nate’s cousin Katie got married. Zoe attended her first wedding and did fabulous. Catholic masses are long. She came through it with flying colors. She danced the night away. Everyone at the reception was amazed at how the atmosphere didn't negatively affect her mood. She’s a party animal. She had her first trip to a photo-booth. Yes, we are those parents.

On Sunday, we traveled to St. Louis. Nate had a pastor’s conference there. We were able to see my parents and a good deal of our friends from seminary. Zoe rolled over for the first time and about 10 seconds later, rolled back. I think she wasn't fond of it.

Zoe took her first trip to the Zoo, Ted Drewes and Hodak’s. This was all very exciting. I got Zoe a book called, “Goodnight St. Louis”  that says goodnight to all of the different special things in St. Louis. It is only the best book ever written. I’m pretty sure it says goodnight to the Budweiser Clydesdales. I get all misty just thinking about it.

Love Aunt Betsy!

Grandpa Cox tried to convince her to stay with him in St. Louis. He kept whispering things in her ear about not getting on a plane. Grandpa is always right. That kind of thing. She ended up coming with us, she may have been on the fence, though.

Chillin' with Grandpa Cox

Playing with Grandma Cox

She did well on our trip back to McAllen. She thought our flight delay from Dallas to McAllen was so funny, she laughed for the first time! We finally arrived back in McAllen around 9:30 pm and back home by 10:30. We are still exhausted. We had a great trip, but we are glad to be sleeping in our own bed again. We were also excited that when we got here, our new senior  pastor, Rev. Greg Lorenz and Stephanie were here. We are so happy that they are joining the ministry at St. Paul.

Zoe has her routine 4-month doctor’s appointment tomorrow and she sees the specialist in San Antonio for her bladder reflux on Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers while we travel to see the doctor and get his advice.

In case you forgot how cute she is, here is another reminder.

We love her so.

That's all for now, God is good.

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