World Series Win and a Trip to Cape Girardeau

I'm sorry that it has been so long since my last post. There isn't too much to write about these days.

First of all, the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series!!!!! Wooo!!!!!! As many of you know the Cardinals are my team. Being in St. Louis for this World Series was very exciting. Almost every business in St. Louis allowed their employees to wear Cardinals gear. I wore Cardinals shirts for like 2 weeks straight. When the Cards won it, there was a parade and celebration inside Busch Stadium. The tickets were $5 and the proceeds went to charity. Nate and I went to both. It was awesome! We had great seats. We enjoyed the Budweiser Clydesdales, the players and the managers. I love the Budweiser Clydesdales. Those horses embody St. Louis. My mom used to take me to see them when I was little at Grant's Farm. I was so happy share the celebration with the players and the thousands of Cardinal fans. Here are some pictures from that day.

Here is a shot of the crowds for the parade.

Here is a shot of the Clydesdales!

The players gathered around Tony LaRussa as he gives his speech.

One of us at the celebration!

Soon after the glorious triumph by the St. Louis Cardinals, we took a trip to Cape Girardeau. We were invited back to attend the Semi-Annual Sausage Supper. Some of you might remember this from last year. Nate had the experience of cutting up the hogs and making the sausage with the Men's Club guys. It was great to be able to go see everyone down there and to partake in some good cookin'. We dearly miss our friends in Cape and love it when we get to visit.

My dad and his best friend Steve take a trip every year that they call ManTrip. They just took their trip and returned today. They had a great time exploring caves in Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee. They hit places like Nashville, Tn; Pigeon Forge, TN; Kentucky Lake, Murray State University and many more places. They blog about their travels and post pictures for every day. If you haven't checked out their travels, you really should. Visit their Facebook page at Become a fan!

In other news, Nate has had the past week off school and will be off until after Thanksgiving. This has been a nice break for him. He even cleaned our apartment and did a great job! What a guy! I like him being off school! :)

Well, that's all for now. I hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

God is good!

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