Goodbye Summer

Over the past month things have been good in Cape and elsewhere. It has cooled down significantly in the past couple of weeks and we are experiencing some very nice weather along with some rain which was greatly needed. Nate and I attended the wedding of our dear friends Shayla and Andrew. It was a wonderful wedding that we both got the pleasure of standing up in. We could not be happier for two of our best friends.

Before the wedding our friend Rachel McCall came to visit in Cape. We had a great time spending time with her. We gave her the grand tour of Cape Girardeau! We introduced her to stuffed jalapenos, which are delicious, they aren't spicy.

I am still looking for a job. Until I find one, I am thinking about taking up sewing as a hobby. I think it would be an excellent hobby to have and it would be fun. The only obstacle now is finding an inexpensive machine. I have been looking at some projects on and think it is definitely doable. I still like to bake as a hobby but I don't need extra sweets around the house. I did make an Oreo pudding pie which turned out nicely for the Rally Day Picnic at church. I will keep up the baking when there are events to take the goods to. :)

Things have been pretty normal up at church. Nate experienced his third funeral since we have been here. That might be kind of morbid for a blog but he is training to be a pastor and funerals are part of the biz. He has been preaching on a regular basis. If you would like to hear his sermons you can access them buy going to the iTunes store and typing in "Hanover Lutheran Church". If you go to the churches page you can watch the sermons.

God is good! That's all for now.:)

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