Nate and Kate in the "Badger" State

It is the season of weddings! Nate and I spent a week in Wisconsin going to the weddings of Becky and Clay Buie and Chris and Rachel Davis. Nate DJ'd the Hillenbrand-Buie wedding and he was in the Davis-Kirk Wedding. We had a great time celebrating the weddings of both couples. These marked weddings 2 and 3 of 4 weddings in a row. We were invited to 13 weddings this spring/summer; we will not be attending them all. We wish all of the couple best wishes though. We have been so blessed to share these great times with our close friends.

We had a great time hanging out with many people that we hadn't seen in a while in Wisconsin. There are things that I won't miss about Wisconsin like scraping the ice off the inside of my window and driving in the snow. Nate would have snow everyday if it were possible. He loves it. I like to look at it for a couple days and then it can melt. The brown snow that sticks around for 3 months just isn't my thing. We do miss all of the people that live in Wisconsin and that we went to school with at Concordia. We had a great time hanging out with the Kelm family, who was nice enough to put us up for the week. We visited Pizza Shuttle, which is where we "met" and where we spent many good times. The best part was seeing all of the people though.

We will be heading to Indiana, Connecticut and Canada next! Stay tuned!

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