Zach is 5 Months!

So in true "Mom of two kids" fashion, I forgot that Zach turned 5 months yesterday. I didn't forget that he was turning 5 months on the 19th, I simply didn't know what day it was. We were traveling over the weekend and it completely threw me off, but I'm doing better than last month with getting Zach's pictures and post accomplished. I'm doing it the day after! Woo!

Zach is still such a good baby. He still sleeps through the night. He smiles all the time and is just so chill. I'm thinking he may turn out to be a Momma's boy, but we'll see. Zoe was all about Mommy until about 9 months and then became Daddy's girl. However, I think she likes Grandma the most.

Zach likes:

Zach is 4 Months!

I'm writing Zach's monthly post late again. Poor second kid. I'm trying to keep up with the normal stuff, but man we are busy these days, plus little man pretty much only wants to nap on top of Mommy. I love the snuggles but I don't get much done.

Bug Fever

This week has been a doozy. We lost a close family friend on Monday. A former boss/friend of mine died on Wednesday and my Mom's uncle died early Thursday morning. In the middle of all of this Zoe has had a high fever all week. On Tuesday night I spoke with the nurses at her doctor's office and we decided we would take her in at 9am on Wednesday. Well her fever woke her at 4:45am on Wednesday morning. She was burning up and complaining of pain in her neck. The nurse told me that if she was in pain we needed to get her seen right away.