My First Little Love

People say you never forget your first love. I think you have many first loves in your life. You love your parents. You have a first romantic love. I personally have had many first loves when it comes to food. I will return to those loves when this gall bladder comes out, they've been so neglected. Oh how I miss cheese. Getting back to what I was saying, there are many first loves you can have in your life. I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about my first little love. My Zoe.

Zoe is Three!

A couple days ago my baby turned three years old. She reminds me daily that she isn't a baby anymore and that she's a big girl now. My pregnancy hormones are having a hard time dealing with my little baby being a big girl. She has been so blessed over the past year and has been very blessed just from this birthday. Zoe had a big party with family, friends and our new church friends.