My First Little Love

People say you never forget your first love. I think you have many first loves in your life. You love your parents. You have a first romantic love. I personally have had many first loves when it comes to food. I will return to those loves when this gall bladder comes out, they've been so neglected. Oh how I miss cheese. Getting back to what I was saying, there are many first loves you can have in your life. I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about my first little love. My Zoe.

I mean we all remember the first time I saw her. What a beauty.

Love at first sight.

She was too cute from the start.

As many of you know, it has been a rougher pregnancy this go around. I felt terrible from day one. This cause of my sickness was later determined to be my gall bladder, but it has put me on the couch for much of this pregnancy. Except, all that time I spent packing, moving and unpacking. We will never move again when I am pregnant. As much as I love that I couldn't lift anything, twice is enough. Anyway, I've felt guilty because I can't play with Zoe like I would like. Now that I'm huge, if I sit on the floor for more than 5 minutes my legs are numb.

At first, Zoe would just climb up on my belly and talk to me. She hadn't been snugly in a while so this was a nice change of pace.

Then, she started coming and snuggling with me on the couch all the time. She would walk up to me and say, "I take care of you."


This year for our Valentine's Day and our anniversary, Nate and I decided to gift ourselves a new rocking recliner. Our rocking chair broke when we moved so we upgraded and we are loving it. This chair has become one of the sweetest places for Zoe and I right now. She climbs up and we play with puzzles, have tea parties, use my belly as a table for playing with her Frozen friends, she pretends to listen to the baby's heartbeat measure my belly at the doctor or simply snuggle and watch TV.

Frozen bows in our hair!

Just hanging out.

Reading books!

Snapping selfies!

The most beautiful view.

More snuggles...

My favorite. Just relaxing and watching some TV. She's too cool and her little toes are too cute.

When I got pregnant and throughout the pregnancy I have been worried about adding another child to the mix. Zoe is my girl and I have been smitten with her since I first laid eyes on her. As many of us moms do, I've worried about taking attention away from her or letting another baby come between us. Plus, what about this kid? How could I ever love another as much as I love this little nugget? Everyone assures me that your heart bursts open again and you have so much love for both. I know it won't be easy adding another baby and I know there will be growing pains and adjustments but I am so thankful for these nine months leading up to the birth of our next baby. Zoe and I have gotten so much closer and bonded even more. She is truly my snuggle bug and my girl and I love her so much. She will forever be my first little love and the girl who made me a mama.

So much love. *totally not crying right now, just cutting onions*

That's all for now. God is good.

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