The Terrible Twos Are 10 Days Early

As most parents, Nate and I are very proud of Zoe. We are proud of her counting and her talking and her many other skills. One thing that we are not really thrilled about her being ahead of the curve on is the "Terrible Twos". They are here and they are real. Zoe is still cute and smiley most of the time, but when she is in a mood, you do not want to cross her.

A couple of days ago, she didn't want to get dressed. Nate undressed her while I was getting ready for work and then she was still naked when I left. Later on I received the text below.

Dear Post Office, Please Build a Drive-Thru. Love, Moms

Today I needed to go to the post office to mail a package. Before I had my sweet girl, I didn't mind going to the post office. Yes, I may have to wait in line, but usually it was some great people watching time, so I didn't mind. After having a child, the Post Office is a place of frustration and here's why.
  1. The Parking Lot. The Post Office is a place where people are constantly coming and going. This makes the parking lot, The Wild West. McAllen's is especially terrible because the parking lot is one way and only has slanted spots in one row. It's not really a lot. It's more like where you park at a Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. People are whipping in and out of the spots like race car drivers and they terribly impatient. The stroller is not an option for the Post Office because I would surely die trying to get it out of the trunk.

Snowbug and her Many Travels

As many of you probably saw online, Zoe and I took a trip to visit Nate's family in Connecticut last week. Nate's parents and grandma were gracious enough to give us this last trip before Zoe turns two. Once she is two she doesn't fly free anymore. The well traveled Zoe will be grounded from flying in less than a month. Flying three people makes my wallet hurt so much I can feel it through my purse. Anyway, we had a great visit to the North.

We flew from Harlingen to Houston to Hartford. The Triple H trip. I didn't realize the triple H factor until just now. That is probably better for everyone, there would have been a lot of highly cheesy hashtags for the Triple H trip. Anyway, with the help of modern technology in the form of an iPad, Annie's Organic snacks, and a very nice gate agent moving us to a seat with an open seat next to it, we survived our flight out there.

Live with Kelly and Michael (and Katie in the Audience)

Many of you saw on Facebook that I visited the Live with Kelly and Michael Show. It's true, I was privileged enough to be able to be in the studio audience on Tuesday, February 2. You may say, "How could this be? How do you get tickets? Those tickets must cost thousands of dollars because this show is simply fantastic. You live in Texas, that was quite the trip!" I am happy to answer the questions that I made up on your behalf and magically, I know all of the answers for said questions.

Nate's family lives in Connecticut. They invited us to come out to visit before she turns two (her last free flight) and get some family time in. One of the coolest things about having relatives in Connecticut is that New York City is within a two hour reach by car or train.