Toddler Life: Cheese and Elmo

Toddlerhood is crazy. Zoe was a great baby. She slept through the night most of her younger months, she was quiet in public and smiled at everyone she saw. She was the picture perfect baby. Toddlerhood I imagine is difficult for most. Zoe is a crazy toddler. She is amazingly adorable, but crazy. It probably comes from her being so outgoing. She wants to know what is going on in every place at every moment. However I am doing my best to savor every moment of her toddler time because it is still so cute and wonderful.

Sometimes it amazes me what things Zoe enjoys and doesn't enjoy. She LOVES cheese. She is obsessed with cheese, She will stand at the fridge and say, "cheese, cheese, cheese, " like she will die if she doesn't get some. She loves mac and cheese, grilled cheese, Annie's cheddar bunnies, string cheese, cheese slices, quesadillas, and more. If I ever ran out Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, it would be bad. Those bunnies keep the peace. I could hear it now, "bubbies, bubbies." It would be so so sad. Nate and I both love cheese, so this is no surprise that she loves cheese. She however isn't big on meat. That is not normal for us. We love meat. However, I recently discovered that she will eat almost any meat with some ranch dressing or ketchup. Yay!