Life in God's Country

The past three weeks starting out in Cape have been great! One of the great things is that I have been able to bake and use my beautiful red Kitchen-Aid Mixer. I'm trying to think about what to name it. As most people know, my car's name is Mona and Nate's truck's name is Black Magic. I'll have to think about that one. So far I have made chocolate chip cream cheese bars which were a big hit on the 4th of July when we went to Lanny's. I made camp coffee cake. :) And today I made apple crisp. I'm not done yet either. I'm trying to think of what the next thing that I bake might be.

Last week on Monday morning, I was surprised by a most repulsive smell in our house. Knowing that the sewage had backed up in the basement of this house before, I really didn't want to check the basement and have that be the case. I looked in a bunch of places and then finally checked the basement. Sure enough...sewage. The pastor and his family generously took us into their house for a few nights while the plumbing was getting fixed. Turns out that there was a 5 gallon buckets worth of 1-inch gravel in the plumbing line in the backyard. They even had to tear up the street behind the house. It was kind of a bummer but it built character when we had to clean up the basement. We learned something new! Haha.

The congregation here has really been taking care of us. They have given us lots and lots of veggies. Today we were given a great deal of meat and some freshly smoked ribs. AMAZING! We are so blessed!

Last Sunday was the first week that Nate preached at Hanover. He did great. It starts with the readings. You can watch it by going to It is not actually 20 minutes long, it starts with the readings. You can also go to Hanover Lutheran Church on itunes and download the podcast.

That is all for now. :) God is good!

We've Moved!

Almost two weeks ago Nate and I moved to Cape Girardeau, MO for his vicarage. We were welcomed with a counter full of food, a wonderful house and wonderful people. It took us a few days to get settled but we have definitely made this place our home for a year. We have been so excited to finally get to use our wedding gifts. Everything is new and works great. I will be posting pictures of the church and our home on this site and you can also go to them by going to facebook.

Our House

The sign at the church welcoming Nate!
God is good!