Bug Fever

This week has been a doozy. We lost a close family friend on Monday. A former boss/friend of mine died on Wednesday and my Mom's uncle died early Thursday morning. In the middle of all of this Zoe has had a high fever all week. On Tuesday night I spoke with the nurses at her doctor's office and we decided we would take her in at 9am on Wednesday. Well her fever woke her at 4:45am on Wednesday morning. She was burning up and complaining of pain in her neck. The nurse told me that if she was in pain we needed to get her seen right away.

She wouldn't let me get up off the bathroom floor and I had to pee. Mom life at its finest. I didn't mind the snuggles at all, I would just rather we move to the couch after I could use the restroom.

My mom radar was going off like crazy so I got her in the car and took her to the emergency room at St. Louis Children's. They were fantastic. Zoe's stuffed Clifford even got a hospital band. She was very excited about this. Well, they checked her urine and sure enough she has a UTI. This is disappointing because we had a procedure done last November that was supposed to correct it.
I was feeling pretty silly that I drove her all the way to Children's early in the morning just for a UTI. However it ended up working out well because her urologist was there that day and was able to consult on her treatment and our course of action going forward. We will be seeing her urologist in a few weeks and doing a test to see if she is having any complications with her bladder reflux. If you are new to her story with bladder reflux you can read about it herehere and here. Please pray that this was a rogue UTI and we aren't dealing with something more serious.

Clifford is doing well, just in case you were worried about his health.

Despite this hiccup we are still blessed to have St. Louis Children's hospital so close and staffed with such great medical professionals. Zoe is feeling much better now. Her fever has broken and she is back in school.

That's all for now. God is good.


  1. Clifford looks great! Glad Zoe is feeling better!

  2. We recently had to make an ER visit. Hope everything gets better soon. XOXO