Tales of Zoe and her Sidekick (aka Mommy)

Zoe and I had a low key week last week and we are hoping to have another one this week.

We discontinued eating cereal this week. It was backing up her plumbing (if you know what I mean). We are going to wait another month or so until we try again. She seems pretty content with her formula. Zoe will have to wait another month before she jumps into the wide world of food again. Once she starts having food with taste, its a whole new world. Sometimes I wish I didn't enter the world of food with taste. No. I take that back. Food is too good. There are people in this world that aren't crazy about food. I will never understand.

Speaking of Zoe's plumbing, when you become a mom people start talking to you about subjects you would never talk about with people before. You talk about the bodily on-goings of your child and their children. I don't mind it. As a new mom though, I often think, "Is it okay to talk about this?" Then I think, "What the heck? Like the book says, 'Everybody Poops'." I also have realized that I do things now that I never thought I would do or be okay with doing. For instance, when Zoe's nose is stuffy and I'm using that suction ball thing to get her nose clean, sometimes its just easier to get it with my finger. Now you're saying, "Katie, that is nasty." You're right. Being a mom is nasty. I often am in public with spit-up on me. Nate asked me if he should change his shirt because he had a little spit up spot on it. That shirt is clean my friend. That spot that looks like residual baking powder is nothing. I wish my shirts looked like that. Despite the nastiness, I love every minute of my job.

Zoe had a play date this week with her friend Collin. (This actually means that mommy was given much needed adult time with my friend Kerrie. Zoe and Collin laid on their tummies, wiggled a bit and wondered who this other baby was. I have realized that I get a little too excited to see other adults these days. I will go to Target or anywhere in public just to see other adults. Zoe can only take so much of my talking in a day.

I wrote a little bit ago that I felt like Zoe was my sidekick. I think I am actually her sidekick. She is the star of the show and I love it. She is Batman; I am Robin. She is Charlie Brown; I am Linus. She is Larry, I am Bob the Tomato. She is Lucy; I am Ethel. However, completely certain that she could save Gotham City better than Batman, kick the football before Lucy pulled it away, find her hairbrush much faster than Larry and not get into trouble with Desi Arnaz. She is a fantastic "front-man" to our duo.

One of her favorite things to do right now is lay on mine and Nate's bed. It calms her down pretty well if she is upset. The other night we had some fun with selfies. The pictures are below. :) Today I made a critical error. I laid down with her on the bed to get her to stop fussing. We had a nice time playing and then she fell asleep. The problem was that I couldn't move. If I left she would either wake up or roll off the bed. Nate was very close to bringing lunch to me when she woke up. I fully intended on eating my lunch in whatever position allowed the least movement as to not wake Zoe and allow me to eat without choking. Motherhood is funny.

Here, let me show you how to make this face.

Kisses Mama!

I disappeared Mama!

Just Kidding!

 Daddy made an appearance!

Anyway, that is all for now. God is good!

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  1. One of the best pieces of advice my Mama gave me was to take Baby to the grocery in the morning of a weekday. Most people there will be older and will want to stop and talk to you and coo at Baby. You will be out of the house, talking to real adults, and you will also bless their day with some conversation and kindness. -- I have found this really helps on the most lonely days. Just wait until Zoe is old enough to talk. On a long car ride a few weeks ago, we were stopped by UofL to visit some friends of mine and I was giving AB a bit of a tour of my college, and she said, "No more talkin' Mama. I finished." Out of the mouths of babes.