Busy Zobug Summer

You'd think things would slow down in the summer, but they don't. You leave all of the things you want to do during the busy time of the year to the summer and then you are busy doing the things you put off. For me, I still really need to decorate Zoe's room. I feel like a terrible mom because I didn't have the nursery done before she came. Between moving, my first year of having my own classroom, and dealing with being pregnant, I didn't get to it. I also kind of wanted to wait until we knew if the baby was a boy or girl. Hopefully I will make progress this week. I will keep you all posted.

Last week we took Zoe to see two doctors. On Tuesday, we took her to see her pediatrician. Once again, she is in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. She is the average baby. She had to get shots and she did great with them. She cried a little bit and then once I picked her up she felt better. Nothing a little mommy snuggling couldn't fix. That afternoon we drove to San Antonio for Zoe's appointment with her pediatric urologist on Wednesday. On the way up there, I realized that I had forgotten her medical records. I was beside myself. I had one job. Getting a baby packed for an overnight is way more work than it should be. In the process, I forgot the one thing we needed. Luckily because of modern technology and our friend Danny, we were able to have all of the records sent to us. I really don't know what people did without the internet. I suppose they were more responsible. Anyway, I dropped Nate and Zoe off at the hotel to watch the All-Star Game, while I went on a hunt for dinner. I found a Pei Wei. Done. We had a delicious meal. 

The next day we got up early and met our friend Rachel Schlie, that Nate and I went to college with. We met her at Panera, yet another great place we don't have in the Valley. I wish I didn't love to eat so much. Wait, I take that back. We had scrumptious bagels and caught up with Rachel. She got to meet and hold Zoe for the first time. I love it when our friends get to meet our daughter. It just makes me happy to share her with the ones I love. After a few hours at Panera, we had lunch with Rachel and then made our way to the doctor.

With Rachel. Love them.

Doctors' office waiting rooms are quickly becoming a great place on my list for people watching. Pediatric offices are the best. You see parenting at its finest in these places. We really like the doctor that we saw. He explained to us pretty much what I had expected. Zoe has the most severe grade of her condition which means that we will monitor her for now, keeping an eye on signs of UTIs and making sure she takes her medicine. She will have sonograms of her kidneys and bladder every three months, and then at a year they will repeat the reflux test. Depending upon if her condition improves or not, she will probably need surgery when she is one or two years old. The doctor seems to see a lot of these cases. He explained exactly what he would do for her surgery. He said that Zoe only has about a 5-10% chance to grow out of her condition. I pray every day that she will. If she has to have surgery, she has to have surgery. God gave doctors the gift the preform surgeries and heal babies for a reason. Zoe is an otherwise healthy and happy baby. She acts and functions just like all babies do. She just has a problem with her plumbing.

On a lighter note, our new senior pastor and his wife are here. Pastor Lorenz was installed on Sunday afternoon.  Nate and I couldn't be happier that they are here. Pastor Lorenz and Stephanie are fantastic people and we have had so much fun getting to know them already. They lived with us for a few days while they waited on their apartment to be ready to move in. We got to know them rather quickly. They didn't move far either, they live right next door for right now. It is so nice to have them close.

Nate, Zoe and I with Pastor Greg Lorenz and Stephanie Lorenz

The New Dream Team

Pastor Kasper and Zobug
 In an earlier post, I had mentioned us going up to Austin and meeting up with our friends Gabe and Melissa Kasper. Gabe's dad came down for the installation and preached a killer sermon. He used his fine tuned Grandpa skills on Zoe. They were instant friends.

Today was a big day for Zoe, she tried solid food! We introduced rice cereal today. She was very serious about the matter, but she didn't turn away from the food. I can't believe she is already starting food. Kids do grow up too fast. 

She makes rice cereal look good.

Once again, we are so blessed to have her. I can't believe the intense love I have for her. I love that thanks to my wonderful husband, bringing home the bacon, that I can stay home with her. I know she has only been here four months, but I am convinced that she is the best human being ever.

Rocking the tummy time.

"Mornin' momma!"

"Mom, I don't know what these things on my feet are, but I look fabulous."

The computer went rouge and added a bunch of adorable pictures of Zoe to the end of this post. Weird. Guess we'll just have to get this thing looked at.

That's all for now. God is good.

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