Coronavirus Quarantine Week 3

And they stayed at home forever...

Quarantine Day 13 - We woke up and watched church online. I am so looking forward to seeing all of our friends in person at church, but seeing everyone who is tuning in at home is cool too. After church we had a pretty uneventful day. I went to Hoffman Supermarket and got meat for the week. It was stocked because local meat counters are the best. Shop local! We had some yummy chicken on the grill and the kids played outside.

Quarantine Day 14 - Monday, back to the school grind and another restless night for Max. Someone needs to install a fountain soda machine in my house because the amount of Diet Coke needed for this quarantine is a lot. I’m pretty sure when I die, they’ll realize that I’m already embalmed on the inside from all of the Diet Coke I needed to survive the COVID-19 Shelter In Place. We started off slow and did Zoe’s work very spread out. Zach stole the iPad while I was getting dinner in the crock-pot. I wasn’t really that upset about it because he was happy and not bothering his sister while I was busy. The problem is that the screen time made him into a mess of a toddler and by lunch he was very ready for his nap. Zoe showed signs of a possible UTI so I had to run to the lab to get her tested for that. Thankfully, I had the supplies we needed at home and she didn’t have to go into public. After dinner, we took an evening walk. It was nice to see others out walking, playing and working in their yards. We talked to others from a distance. I will be so happy when we can all interact normally again.

Dropping by the Lab at the hospital. Instructions for standing in line.

Quarantine Day 15 - The days are beginning to run together. One person I was listening to on a podcast said that it’s like the week before Christmas and Easter. No one knows what day it is and if they should eat lunch, or dinner. I feel like it’s like we’re in some perpetual bermuda triangle. Zoe got a new packet of work today. Her teacher, Francee Kasten has been going above and beyond. She sent home seeds for growing plants this time. Now, this is very cool for Zoe which is awesome. Mommy on the other hand does not like science projects. I think this all stems from science fair PTSD. The science fair was such a stressor when I was in grade school that I never want to look at another project display board in my life. Daddy is assigned to science. I went to Walmart today because once again the app wasn’t really working. It is weird in there right now. I mean Walmart as always been weird but its getter weirder. It’s very empty and the people who are in there, a lot of them are there and messing around. Thankfully, Walmart has since then made a rule of only 50 people in at a time and one person per party, also no kids. Hopefully that will keep the teenage riff-raff out. My kids should be glad they aren’t teenagers right now because they would be sitting in my house and not going anywhere. I don’t care about boyfriend/girlfriend situations. Their dad and I did long distance for a year and a half. Also, they have FaceTime!

Note from Zoe's teacher in her new packet of work.

Quarantine Day 16 - Max is still being a clinger. We keep trying to determine if his issue still his ear infection or teeth. All I know is that we lucked out with Zoe, a good sleeper, and Zach, the miracle sleeper. Hopefully this will resolve soon. Some people out there can function without sleep for years because of kids that don’t sleep. I am not one of those people. Because of the lack of sleep it makes it hard for me to get going in the morning to get Zoe’s work done and then we don’t get outside as much as we want to. Thankfully the evenings have been okay and we’ve gotten out then. I went to bed early this night to get some sleep before Nate went to bed and Max woke up. It was a glorious two hours in my bed.

My clinger.

Quarantine Day 17 - Thursday was pretty normal. Work for Zoe and nap time at the proper times for the boys. I delivered an audio CD of the church service from Sunday to Lorna who is stuck inside because she is elderly. It was so hard for me not to bust through the door and hug her. Instead I am stuck handing her a CD through the door like the pizza guy gave the Ninja Turtles their pizza through the drain grate in the street. I know that I have said this before, but I am ready to be able to hug my people again. Nate and I started watching Tiger King on Netflix. It is CRAZY. I will say that this show has a lot of content that isn’t great so necessarily recommend it. Let’s just say that people who own exotic animals on a domestic level are WEIRD.

Quarantine Day 18 - We’ve made it to Friday, Nate’s day off. I got a shower, always an accomplishment of a stay at home mom with a clingy baby. Zoe did school work but got to have some fun building Lego stuff with Nate. We participated in a parade for a local boy who has cystic fibrosis and couldn’t have a party for his birthday because of the virus. It was cool. There were fire trucks and a nice long procession of cars to say happy birthday. The boys took pretty good naps in the afternoon. We took them outside for a few minutes before we left to go get take out from Dairy King. Oh what a treat Dairy King was! When we got back, the kids got a little play time in the backyard before bedtime. Fresh air does wonders for all of us during this time.

Quarantine Day 19 - I’m gonna be real about Saturday. This day was rough. Nate was busy getting the service filmed and edited for Sunday. It’s not out of the ordinary for him to work all day on Saturday during Lent.  Max wasn’t a great sleeper. Zoe and Zach did well in the morning but the afternoon was a lot. Max wanted to be held. Zach went down for his nap, but Zoe wanted me to play with her. The problem was that Max didn’t want to take a nap so I was stuck with him on my lap and Zoe asking me every 2 minutes if I could play video games with her. Max finally decided to lay down for a few minutes and Zach woke up. So much for a respite. Then the snack crying started. Both kids were saying, “mama” over and over again and asking for snacks. The baby woke up and needed a bottle. So now the kids are requesting food and drink while I am tied up feeding the baby. Meanwhile, the house looked like a toy, food, and art supplies bomb went off. By the time Nate got home, I gave him the baby and went into the kitchen to finish making dinner. I don’t even remember what I made that night because Max was fussy so I took him from Nate and went to sit outside on the porch. It was cold but Max calms down outside. I hadn’t changed my clothes in 24 hours, my hair was out of control. I just sat there, rocking Max and crying because I was so overwhelmed. Whoever was driving past our house at that time probably thought I was physco. This quarantine has good days and bad days. Saturday was a bad day. It builds up because every day is almost exactly the same with the same issues and there is only so much you can do about it. Thankfully, the time came for bed and a good night’s sleep.


Zoe helping me out with Max.

The days and weeks are starting to run together and I miss my friends so much, hopefully we will all be together again soon!

That's all for now. God is good.

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