Max is 6 Months!

Max is six months old. He is growing like crazy. He started rolling this month. He's also started to laugh more and it is so cute.

Tethered Spinal Cord Update
Earlier this month, he had a sedated MRI to get a closer look at his tethered spinal cord. He did great with the sedated MRI. Putting in the IV was the worst part. The nurses were in love with him, as usual. I didn't expect a sedated baby to act silly when they came out of surgery because they are so young. Max was still silly. He saw me and gave me a hilarious smile, then he made this drunk noise, it was so cute and so funny. We met with his neurosurgeon. She said they didn't get all the scans and asked if we could go back down. We did and it was quick. The tests showed that his cord is tethered to a cyst. The plan is for him to have corrective surgery around his one-year old birthday that falls in September.

Max likes:
  • His Mama - big mama phase right now
  • Chewing on his hands
  • Walking with the ladies every morning
  • Eating
  • Wiggling on the floor
  • Having socks on
  • Being held
  • Falling asleep on Mommy
  • His car seat buddy toy
  • Music
  • The swing
  • When his brother and sister lay on the floor with him.
  • The Kelm family
  • Not eating for anyone but his mama
  • Eating Bananas, Apples, Prunes and Sweet Potatoes

Max doesn't like:
  • When the car is not moving
  • Having a dirty diaper
  • Being hungry
  • Loud noise
  • His Eczema
  • Getting an IV
  • Taking medicine
  • Sleeping all night

As you can see, I love sleeping baby pictures.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Those Piggies!!

Snuggles after getting his IV

So handsome!


Clean baby!

Fire Fighter Max

We are loving seeing him grow and learn. He is the sweetest, snuggliest boy (okay, maybe he is tied with Zach) and we love him so!

That's all for now. God is good.

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