And Just Like That...I'm a Soccer Mom

Zoe started soccer about a month ago. First of all, how am I already here? She was born yesterday and now she's in soccer? Secondly, I can't believe my kid is playing soccer. She does not come from a family of runners. The fact that my child is going to spend an hour running around a field is a surprise. Plus, have you seen how big regular soccer fields are? I haven't voluntarily ran anywhere in years. Maybe if you had someone driving a car with a copious amount of nachos on it, I may run after it. If a bear is chasing me or my children I would run, but anything else? Probably not.

The worry with your kid starting a sport is that you become that insane soccer mom that yells at your kid, the coaches and the refs. If I start doing that, please, please someone throw a bag over my head and drag me to the car. Unless I am yelling at my child to stop posing for the camera and play the game. If that's the case, please help, maybe she will listen to you.

But seriously, how does this happen? When you're younger it seems so far away. You are waiting for the day when you fall in love with your spouse. You wait for the day when you have a family. Then suddenly, bam, driving to soccer practice. Nothing makes you feel more like an adult than driving a kid to soccer practice, okay maybe buying a washing machine comes close. I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe my sweet baby girl is starting sports and school and also wants to take piano lessons. I can't believe that I am so blessed. Don't get me wrong... Many are my days are so tiring and tough, I just want to start over. How, how did the toddler get the scissors from the middle of the kitchen table without climbing up there? How is it possible that my kid has another rash and it's one that looks completely different from the last six rashes? Running toward the street and seeing if mom can catch me is NOT a funny game. Would I change it? No. Will I lose my mind? Possibly. I love my family and I love my life, soccer games and all.

Soccer has been good. She's had some ups and downs. The first week she walked up to the other kids and said, "I'm the best kicker!" but then she didn't understand why they weren't taking turns to kick the ball so she cried for almost the entire time. It also doesn't help that soccer is at dinner time. Heat + Running + Hanger = meltdown, not only for me but for her as well. The next few times have been pretty good. She likes running around and making goals. She especially loves the trips to Dairy Queen for dinner after her games.

Ready to start!

Her buddy Lydia is playing too!

Throwing the ball in like a boss.

Go Zo!

Little bit of Sass...

Her biggest fan!

He's cute.

That's all for now. God is good.

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