Zach is 10 months!

Here we are at 10 months! Zach is getting bigger and the time I have to plan his first birthday party is getting shorter. I hate that there is a deadline ahead of me that pretty much means my boy isn't a baby anymore. WAAAHHHH. I mean *ahem* I am totally handling this with poise and not at all kissing his face all the time saying, "Be my baby forever, pleeeaasssee."

Zach is still crawling but man is he fast. He can cruise along furniture and can climb stairs. He cannot get himself down stairs, so they are dangerous right now. Because they are dangerous they are basically his favorite part of any building. I spend a lot of time sitting on stairs now when we aren't at home. 

We have been watching the Olympics lately and I think that Zach is trying to come up with some Olympic sports for me to compete in, So far he has been training me for fastest time rescued from stairs. There is a one point deduction for each stair he has climbed. He is also working on a fastest diaper change event but with obstacles like the alligator death roll and pee fountain. 

Zach likes:

  • His family
  • Stairs
  • Anything he can put in his mouth.
  • Pretty much all food
  • Blueberries
  • Hamburger in most forms
  • Pizza
  • His sister being silly
  • Formula
  • Pacifiers
  • Smart Phones
  • Playing Peak A Boo
  • His Pal Scout
  • Taking his socks off and chewing on them
Zach is unsure of:
  • Wind
  • Shoes
  • Baths
  • Long Car Rides
  • His car seat
Zach doesn't like:
  • Getting his temperature taken
  • Having his nose, face or hands wiped
  • Getting his diaper changed

My big guy!


What mom?


I guess she's fun.


Sleeping baby love

Aren't you supposed to eat these mom?

My cutie.


We love our boy! 

That's all for now! God is good!

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