Our First Snow in Illinois!

Now, Nate and I are no strangers to snow. I grew up in St. Louis (about an hour from where we live now) and St. Louis gets snow at least once a year usually. Nate grew up in Connecticut and LOVES snow. It snows up there all the time. We met at college in Wisconsin. We all know it snows there. We have driven in snow, we've had moments of like, love and irritation with the snow. When we were considering the call to Illinois people in Texas kept saying, "Oh you're going to have snow there." Not really a problem for us. Honestly, it was a draw for me. Pregnancy and heat is not something I enjoy. The last week of November, a week before we left, it was 95 degrees in McAllen. That isn't really ideal weather for a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant. Today, I was actually hot from walking around in Walmart that I took my coat off for the remainder of our errands. This baby is a warm one.

Now, Zoe she's not as familiar with the snow and the cold. She experienced the snow for the first time last February when she and I went to visit Nate's parents in Connecticut. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold at all. She likes wearing her coat, mittens and hat. Right now they are new and exciting, so we'll see if that lasts. Today we broke out her new snow boots from Sam's that I simply couldn't resist. They are way cute. She didn't get to play in the snow today but we walked in it a bit. We had to go to Walmart, the bank and grabbed some lunch while we were in a bigger town. We had a fun morning and early afternoon.

Waking up to snow!

Boots with the fur! I was excited to break out our new boots!

It's cold on my hands mom.

Lunch with my bug. She's the cutest.

Out Back

In front

Maybe tomorrow we'll go out and play in the snow. :)

That's all for now. God is good.


  1. I am really enjoying your blog Katie. We are Winter Texans and attend St. Paul while staying in Mission. Our home is in Illinois, Chester which is about 75 miles from you now. We just loved Nate as a pastor when we attended St. Paul. Ann

    1. Hi Ann! I hope you are enjoying the Valley this time of the year. I actually have a few connections to Chester and have been there a few times.

  2. Brrrr..it's 39 here today! But will be warm again next week!

  3. Every time you share yard pictures I am amazed with all of your space!! You all will be able to enjoy lots of snow fun out there!