Dancing Machine: Zoe Wollenberg

It's the middle of June! This is very exciting for our small family because things are finally starting to slow down a little at church. It has seemed like things have been busy since Christmas. Advent and Lent were very close together this year, then once Easter was over, we had school events, confirmation, graduation parties, a youth gathering fundraiser and lastly, VBS. It has all come to a close and we have about two "normal" weeks before we head on vacation.

VBS went great. We averaged just over 100 participants throughout the week. We had even more people helping make dinner, leading children around, taking pictures, leading crafts and music, and watching the little ones so their parents could volunteer. VBS is a huge undertaking every year. It requires many hands to pull off.

Zoe loved VBS. She wasn't an official participant, but she participated in some of the week. She especially loved the photo booth props and dancing to the music. She did great in the opening and
closing, just dancing next to daddy and not making him pick her up.

Photo Booth Bug

No words.

Loving her buddy, Odyssey.

Hey Mom! I got all the props!

This might be a bit large.

Here is a video of her dancing with all of her props.

In about a week and a half, we will be taking a long trip. We will first head to St. Louis for a week and a half to see family and friends. We will be taking Zoe to her first Cardinals game! From St. Louis we will head to Milwaukee. Nate is a delegate for the LCMS National Convention and Zoe and I will be there to see friends and just hang out. We're pretty excited because we haven't been back to Wisconsin in about four years. Some of our Wisconsin friends haven't even met Zoe! From Milwaukee, Nate will fly to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering and Zoe and I will head back to McAllen. Don't worry, we will make many stops along the way. Please keep us in your prayers that we have a safe journey!

That's all for now. God is good!

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