Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! Temperature wise, it is summer or spring weather year round here in the Valley. April is a nice month for us. Lent is over. Lent can be a rough time for the Pastor's family. It is very busy and toward the end we are all pretty tired. Easter is such a glorious day, Christ is risen and Lent is over. Easter Sunday is the best Sabbath. The Sunday afternoon nap on Easter Sunday is the best one. It is refreshing and the start of a new season.

Easter Sunday is one of the rare Sundays in the church year that Zoe and I stay all morning. Usually we attend one service and Bible Study. I like to stick around on Easter Sunday and see people at both services, plus, you have to get the most out of those pretty Easter dresses! This year Target has Easter hats in the dollar section. I had to get her one.

Zoe and I went to early service and then we had a quick breakfast in the cafeteria. During what would be the Sunday School hour, there was an Easter Egg hunt. Zoe hunted eggs with her buddy Colin at church.

The dress and hat.

Yes, that is an offering basket. I forgot her basket at home. Pastor's kid problems.


We were in and out of the late service because she doesn't sit well in the gym. After the service we had to make sure we got a family picture in our Easter best.

After we left church we went home and everyone took a nap. :) What wonder. We woke up from our naps late and headed over to spend some time with our friends the Drefs. We played some yard games and Zoe had an Easter egg hunt with Titus. They played so well together on Easter that we had a play date the next weekend. It is so nice when kids get to the point where they play nicely together and the parents have the chance to talk a bit while the kids play.

Easter Basket!

Here are some pics from Zoe and Titus' play date at the park.

They are sending Titus' cars down the slide. Endless fun!

This past weekend I was at a lovely women's retreat. It was held at a family ranch of a friend and member of our church Margie. The ranch is just beautiful. I am so thankful to have had that time for the rest and fellowship with other women. I also am thankful for my mother in law and husband watching Zoe while I was gone. I still missed her a lot and I promise you she grew at least an inch and learned 30 new words while I was gone. I was glad to be home with my girl again.

That's all for now. God is good!

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