Mommy Went Back To Work

Many of you know that I have been staying at home with Zoe for 17 months. It has been the best 17 months of my life. Although, it probably has been longer because I loved pregnancy, too. Anyway, I was filling in at St. Paul in the office one day and Nate came in and told me that they needed a librarian. School started in a week, so they didn't have a ton of time to figure this out. I decided to think about maybe taking on the position.

This was a painstaking decision. I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom. I have never been happier. I love my freedom. I love that if Zoe and I want to stay in pajamas all morning, we can. I was worried that she would notice that mommy wasn't around as much. I was worrying that I was putting work before her. I was worried that we would lose something. I wasn't sure what that something was, but I was scared. All of these things that I knew probably weren't a problem. Those darn mommy hormones. They are so fierce. They get you so worked up over almost nothing. I was just THINKING about offering to do it. I wasn't offered the job yet and I certainly had not made up my mind. Those hormones will hit you when you least expect it. I saw a Quaker Oats YouTube video about a girl and her dad the other day and started crying. What the heck? I mean I am emotional, but I don't even eat oatmeal.

So I thought about it and talked to Nate about it until his ears fell off. I agreed to work 12 hours a week, which translates to three half days. Nate stays home and hangs out with Zoe on Fridays, but she attends our friend Lety's in-home daycare the other 8 hours a week.  Lety has a very small group and Zoe was around her all the time anyway because she is a good family friend. I wasn't ready to send her to big day care at St. Paul just yet.  In fact, started to fill out all of the paperwork and I was getting chest pains and shortness of breath. I need more time. I know that when it comes time for preschool, I am going to need an oxygen tank and anti-anxiety pills for the registration process.

I have been doing the Library gig for two weeks now. So far, I am liking it a lot. I get to help out our school by working 12 hours a week and still feel like a stay-at-home mom. I don't feel like I have lost all of my precious time with my little girl. We still spend so much time playing and running errands.

In my time at the library, I have found many interesting things.

I found this old Lutheran Brotherhood poster ( a moment of silence for Lutheran Brotherhood). This poster was everywhere when I was growing up. I saw that they were getting rid of it in the teacher workroom and I was like, "Not on my watch". That right there is a piece of Lutheran School from the 90s history. You don't toss a relic like that.

I found this book. You would be surprised, I know that I fell asleep a time or two when I was pregnant with Zoe. That plan period was a killer in my first trimester.

And this. All I could hear in my head was the Michael Jackson song, "Will You Be There". Only the kids who grew up in the 90s will understand how awesome this is.

Zoe has loved going to spend time with Lety so far. When we get there, a lot of times she doesn't want to leave. We are also wanted her to get some time with other kids. She is a very social girl (wonder where that comes from). I also want her to practice sharing. Sometimes she doesn't like to share on play dates. She can be sassy.

You're kidding. This is not wake-up time. No, she's not a teenager. She just loves to sleep late, mommy does too. We get along well.

Worn out. Still so cute.

I know that not all transitions back to work are easy for moms. I am so thankful that I have someone that I trust to watch Zoe, a wonderful husband that gets up early to take her to daycare one day a week and watch her on his day off, and a flexible employer. I always have and will continue to have respect for all of the moms who work full time and have kids. They are super women.

Here are some more pictures of my love.

Morning Snuggles...I love her so,

A little blurry. She was hugging her dog, Violet. She is very into hugging right now. It is super cute.

That's all for now. God is good.


  1. You are enjoying the best of both worlds and Zoe will benefit from the time with other kids. This is a gift from God so I'm glad you are enjoying it.
    By the way, "Walk away" is still one of my favorite responses to frustrations.
    Love you, Katie!

    1. Thanks Lois! So great to hear from you! I wish I used my "walk away" advice more these days.