The Sweetest Part of My Day

*Warning! This is a sappy post.*

When Zoe was born, my whole world changed. I mean this is an obvious statement. Your life is going to drastically change when you have another human to care for night and day. I taught middle school until 4pm and was induced at 2am. I went from working full time to 16 hours later being a stay-at-home mom. This was a drastic change. I didn't have days leading up to having the baby where I worked on the nursery. I taught, lesson planned and graded papers on a 24 hour cycle until 26 hours before she was born. Sixteen of those hours, I was in labor.

While I was teaching, the sweetest part of my day, aside from laying down in my bed to go to sleep at night or eating a cheeseburger, was probably when my students would make me laugh. They were a funny group and making me laugh was a great gift they could give me since I was tired, stressed and huge. 

Within 26 hours the sweetest part of my day would be so different. It would no longer include silly, pre-adolescent middle schoolers. It would be all about this little itty bitty life, that somehow came out of my body. She was totally from God because I certainly can't pull off something that awesome. 

Over the past almost 10 months *tear, she's so big*, the sweetest part of my day has changed a bit. It has always involved Zoe being close to me. At one time, it was the two of us napping on the couch. She got too big for that. For a while it was when I would get her up in the morning. I would feed her and then she would snuggle with me for about an hour while we watched Kelly and Michael. 

Now, it is night time. Almost every night I rock her to sleep. During the day she plays and crawls everywhere. She is becoming an independent little lady. At night, I still rock her to sleep. There have been many nights where I have been terribly tired and I want her to fall asleep so bad. When she finally gives in, I find myself not wanting to put her down. I just want to snuggle with her all night long. 

She was so little. One of our first snuggles.

I know the day will come where we don't do night time snuggles anymore and the sweetest part of my day will be something different every day. For right now, I will cherish my nighttime snuggles and love every moment of the little time. She's my girl and I'm so blessed.

I love that squished face.

She loves sleep most of the time. I love her all of the time. She is the best.

That's all for now. God is Good.

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