More LWML, Tower Tee, St. Louis Friends and Cape Friends

Hi Everyone,

It has been a little over a month since my last post but there hasn't been a ton of stuff to report since the last time I posted.

Right now is the busy season at LWML. LWML Sunday is October 1st. Since one of my responsibilities as the Office Assistant is to answer the phone and take orders, that is pretty much the only thing that I have been doing. The order form for LWML Sunday said to get orders in by September 1, you can imagine what it has been like lately. The phone has been ringing off the hook. Sometimes I don't even have a moment to take a bathroom break without leaving the phone while it is ringing. I think things will start to die down a little bit later this week. It has been a very pleasant working experience. I enjoy talking to people on the phone all day. You never know what interesting conversation may arise.

Nate has been working at Tower Tee a great deal lately. They are short-handed so he has been picking up shifts. He worked more hours than I did last week. He has been having a lot fun and playing free golf! He also just started school, it's going well. He has been asked to lead a small group Bible study and he will be directing the Seminary Handbell Choir again. So with classes, work and his extra curriculars, he has become quite a busy guy.

One of the nice things about being back in St. Louis is that a great deal of our college friends either live here because it is their permanent home or because they are also attending the seminary. It has been great to get back and reunite with these people.

Yesterday and today we had the opportunity to see some of our friends from our vicarage congregation. Yesterday we went to the Southeast Missouri District Fair aka. the SEMO Fair. It was wonderful we ran into many of our friends. We had lunch with our friends Jim and Vicki Frank. We hung out with Jonathan and Annie Micheal and their baby, Garret, who is precious! We saw a girl from the congregation, Danielle, compete in a karaoke contest. We watched a Horse Pull with the Schweer family minus Diane, she was busy. We had a GREAT time watching the Tractor/Truck/Hot Rod Pull with John and Charlotte Edwards. That event was super cool! I had never been to a tractor pull that wasn't for antique tractors.

Today we went to a Cardinals game with our friends Jeff and Sarah Heuer and Todd and Amy Roth. For the youth auction at Hanover when we were there we auctioned off tickets for a Cardinals game. We called it "Nosebleed Seats at the Cardinals Game with Vicar and Katie". Our friends that came with us were very generous and won the tickets. We had a great view in the shade from section 437 at Busch Stadium. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for a game. The Cardinals even won meaning that they swept the Braves this series. There was also some great commemoration for September 11th.

This is one of Nate, Todd and Jeff at the game.

As you can imagine we had an excellent time catching up with our friends at the Cards game and last night. We miss our friends from Cape dearly and we hope that we can see them off and on throughout the year. Cape Girardeau is a very wonderful place. It has some of the most wonderful people I have ever met; friendly, caring and God-fearing.

It is crazy to think that 10 years ago today was the day of the September 11th attacks. We remember the lives lost, families who lost their loved ones, the first responders and the people who are defending our country now. We pray for these people and our country. God has blessed America in even our toughest times.

Part of the commemoration at Busch Stadium was a massive American Flag hung from the ladders of two St. Louis Fire Department trucks.

That's all for now. God is good!

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