Thanksgiving, Decorations, Potlucks, Birthdays, Live Nativity and a Bird Attack

I know it has been a very long time since I have updated the blog, sorry about that. It has been quite the month here in Cape Girardeau.

First let's start with Thanksgiving. Nate's family drove all the way from Connecticut to visit us here in the Cape. We had the Thanksgiving dinner here for the Cox Family and the Wollenberg Family. We turned our garage into a dining room by putting a big table and a space heater out there. We hardly needed the space heater though because between the oven and the stove the windows were open, the door to the garage was open, the heat was off and it was still hot in the house. Thanksgiving went really well. I had two turkey crises averted. First, the roasting pan didn't fit in the oven. Luckily I had a second one that I use to roast chickens in otherwise I would have been going to church to make it in a big oven. The second one was that I thought I overcooked the turkey. I had a 17 pound turkey, so I'm thinking 5 hours right? At four hours I take the temperature and it's 200 degrees as opposed to the 165 degrees that it's supposed to be. So I yanked it out really fast and by I yanked it out I mean I called for someone stronger than me to lift it out of the oven. When I realized it might be dry my mind quickly flashed to the scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation where Chevy Chase cuts open the turkey and it is so dry it like implodes. Luckily, it was nice and moist and turned out very tasty. Nate's mom helped with the gravy and stuffing and my mom helped with the veggies. It was a very nice Thanksgiving.

Right after Thanksgiving we started the Christmas decorating. Nate and I accidentally won our Christmas tree through a radio contest. We showed up to a lot and they said that we were the first couple during a certain time so we got a free tree and a free wreath! We named our tree Douglas and here he is.

I got an over sized stocking for Nate and I that has pockets until I can make us personalized ones. This one was also very cool.

Here are the kitchen decorations:

Here are some of the Christmas cards that we have gotten so far:

We also decorated the outside. Nate did most of the work. If you are wondering why he didn't do the peak of the house it is my fault. I wouldn't let him get on the roof.

The week after Thanksgiving Nate and I had a great many potlucks to attend. I think we had 3 potlucks and 3 parties in one week. It was quite the busy time.

If you don't already know Nate and I both have birthdays in the month of December. I am the 2nd and he is the 17th. For my birthday my parents came down to Cape and took they with Nate took me out to a wonderful lunch. Nate took me out to see a movie that night, Morning Glory. It was very cute. He ended up getting me two Rachel Ray cookbooks which have given us a couple of tasty meals since then and an apron because when I cook and bake I get food all over me. He also got me Rachael Ray's Lazy Spoon and Ladle set which is amazing. For Nate's birthday, I got up and made him breakfast because that is something that is not common in our house. If you know me very well you know that I am not a morning person. Then Nate opened his gifts. I got him some golf shoes which he is very eager to use and a couple of other things.

Last night, at church, was the Live Nativity. Every year Hanover does a live nativity with a donkey, sheep and camels. Guess who was Mary and Joseph? Yep, that's right, Nate and I. I rode a donkey and I didn't fall off. Here is a picture of me on the donkey and Nate pulling it.

Here is a picture of the whole Nativity together.

Last but not least, the bird attack. So, this evening I came home after making dinner at church for the Nate, me, the pastor and his family. I took care of some things then thought to myself, Nate's mom mentioned that some packages were coming in the mail, I should check on the doorstep. I open the door and look out. Next, thing I know something hits me in the face and I turn around. Two birds had viciously attacked me and flew into the house. They had been living in the wreath on our door. I realized that I needed to get my phone to call Nate. So I ran back in the house grabbed my phone while getting scared by the birds and ran back outside. I get outside and realized that I had locked myself out of the house. At this point I look like a crazy person creeping around my house. I called Nate and explained my situation and he came home. After about an hour Nate coaxed the birds into the garage and they flew out from there. Surviving with only bird poop on one of my festive kitchen towels.

That's all for now. God is Good! Merry Christmas!

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